How to Care for Linen Fabric

Linen is a gorgeous, comfortable and durable fabric that is made from fibers of the flax plant. Taking care of linen is easy! Moreover, it grows softer and more lustrous with age. LinenMe team has faced some myths about the difficulties of taking care for linen products, so we decided to write an article and make things clear! Read the article and be confident with your linen purchases!

Most popular mistake is a belief that linen is only suitable for dry cleaning. It is not so! Linen fabric is known to be a material for clothing and other needs for some thousands years before the Christian era, so that probably means it is the world’s oldest natural fiber. And this also means that linens have been around long before any dry cleaners – and have been successfully cared for!

Linen fabrics are much stronger and smoother than cotton and there are only few things to know for your linen textile or clothes to last a long time.

As with many fabrics, the main rule is to follow the instructions of the manufacturer and whatever cleaning methods you use, first try it on a hidden area of your linen garment or household item.

When it comes to washing, linen is almost always better off with a hand or machine wash than a dry cleaning. Actually, with each washing, linen becomes softer and more absorbent. It is best to wash linen products in lukewarm or cold, and preferably soft, water. Gentle washing machine cycle and mild soaps are best for linen.

Feel free to machine dry your linen clothes or textile if you have one – use cool temperatures and remove when still slightly damp as over drying can make linen stiff and crackly. When removed from the dryer linen items can be hanged on a hanger or lied flat to become completely dry.

Ironing is not really a priority when it comes to linen items, unless they’re really crushed. Still, if you prefer ironing, it would be a good idea to iron while the fabric is still damp. Otherwise, iron with steam at medium-to-hot. While white linen is best ironed on both sides, it is bets to iron dark linen on the wrong side only.

Store your linens in a cool dry place; avoid plastic bags, cardboard boxes and cedar chests.

So, as you can see, linen items are machine washable, machine dryable and does not require any ironing if hanged or laid flat when still damp. Easy!