5 Cheerful Summer Linens to Brighten Your Day

Standing in a queue yesterday we overheard a man saying, ‘Yes, well the sun’s shining so everything feels better.’ And he’s right: a bit of good weather can lift the spirits, and means we get to be outside more, which also makes us feel happier. But, depending where you live, you can always rely on the weather so we thought we’d bring a bit of sunshine into your home with an edit of 5 cheerful summer linens that will brighten your day, whatever the weather.

We’ve chosen yellow linens because this colour brings warmth and a peppy, happy energy. Traditionally associated with positivity, clarity and optimism yellow works best in interiors if it’s kept to pops of colour or swathes of mustardy tones balanced with greys and blues. It can add freshness and light to your home, so even if it’s raining outside you can get a sunny feeling indoors. Here’s a curated selection of our favourite yellow linens for summer.

A must-have linen throw

linen throw summer yellow

Lightweight, durable and oh-so-pretty, this linen throw is the perfect accessory for summer. Stash it in your bag for picnics, impromptu peaceful moments in the park or cozying up on a long summer’s evening under the stars. It can even stand in as a towel if needed after a spontaneous freshwater dip to cool off. Made from a waffle weave this is a versatile summer essential that you’ll never want to be without.

Huckaback linen towels

If you want to update your bathroom but don’t want a complete overhaul, adding a new set of beautiful linen towels is a great option. To bring a zingy freshness that will help you step out of the shower and into your day feeling positive and energised, a soft huckaback linen towel in our citrine shade is just the thing.

Comfy bedlinen

summer bedlinen yellow

Sleeping well in summer can be tricky. You can overheat and feel sweaty, and it can be hard to get comfortable. Not with linen sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases. Thanks to linen’s natural ability to help regulate body temperature and to wick away moisture from your skin, linen bedlinen is the perfect slumber companion. Invest is some great quality, sumptuous stonewashed bedlinen in a warm, inviting yellow tone to bring some sunny joy into the bedroom, without overheating.

Linen napkins for everyday 

Don’t think of napkins as being for ‘best’ – they are a lovely way to add charm and colour to your table, whether you’re having a slow weekend brunch or feeding the family on a busy weeknight. Using linen napkins instead of disposable paper towels also benefits the environment as they produce less waste and are eventually biodegradable. Our linens are machine washable and get better with age, meaning a set of these will last you through many summers, from picnics to BBQs and on into winter.

A handy tote

tote bag summer linens

For a no-nonense hold-all work-with-any-outfit summer bag you can’t go wrong with a linen tote. Grab one in a cheerful yellow shade and bring a pop of colour to your day, from a trip to the beach to shopping around town. Spacious yet lightweight, and really easy to store away when not in use, a linen tote makes the ideal everyday bag. You can even keep one packed with summer essentials like suncream, water bottle, lip balm, snacks, phone charger and a good book, so you don’t even need to think about what to take with you. Just sling it over your shoulder and head out into your day.

For more on the benefits of linen in summer go here and here, and for ideas about what to keep in a summer essentials bag go here.


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