6 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

This week we are delighted to bring you a guest post by Julia Ellison from House Tipster, a website full of ideas on interior decoration and home improvement.

Colour is one of life’s richest and truly delicious pleasures. It can brighten up any space, add a sense of welcome movement and make the little details really pop. Many homeowners want a range of colours that can add personality and energy, create a pleasing harmony and show off the home’s best features with ease. And as we go into winter, many of us are craving some brightness in our interiors as the nights draw in.

Thoughtful use of colour in any home is an easy, inexpensive and fun way to add beauty, delight the eye and create spaces that are about embracing all life has to offer, both inside and out.

decorating with linen colours

Bold Turquoise

Vibrant shades of blue come together in this classic shade that has been part of home decor plans for many centuries. Today, dark and light hues mingle to create a hue that reminds people of the lovely vistas where this beloved stone is abundant. Turquoise looks beautiful around the home as well as in your favorite necklace.

Splash it on the walls of a guest bedroom as a backdrop to accessories and linen bedlinen in a similar palette. White works with any shade of turquoise as it brings out its lighter tones. Dark blue on the wall used with turquoise accents like a cosy wool throw will create a seaside feel that speaks of summer days along the shore.

Cherry Red

Cherry red combines shades of blue and red in a single colour. This shade demands attention, and gets it immediately. It’s ideal for use all year long when you want to make a colour statement: use it during the warmer months to complement softer shades of spring pastels, or with dark greys in winter.

Cherry red bedding is ideal as a contrast with pink, lime, sunny yellow or pale lilac. Toss a grouping of pillows along the couch in the living room to bring in Fall color that adds greater depth to other shades like orange and brown. A cherry canopy across a bed made of cherry wood creates a unified but entirely subtle palette. This is a color that will look good right now and continue to be in style for many years to come.

Light Eggplant/ Aubergine

eggplant color interior decor - Brighten Up Home

Light eggplant is one of the hottest hues of the moment. Similar to other shades of purple, it has plenty of natural understated elegance as well as depth. Traditionally associated with royalty all over the world, everyone can use it in their rooms today.

This is the color to turn to in order to help convey power, strength and leadership. Which makes it ideal for places where you want to convey formality but still have a sense of playfulness. Consider using this colour in the dining room where you can entertain in style with stylish linen napkins in a similar palette.

Eggplant is a vivid shade and needs other tones to help rest the eyes. Greys in varied shades can be added to help tone it down. Other colours also help add detail and create a coherent, pulled-together look. Gold and shades in the yellow family are at the opposite end of the color wheel. They make an excellent means of adding contrast that turns any space into one where color is front and center at all times.

Kelly Green

Kelly Green has been tipped as one of the most popular shades of green. People appreciate the shade’s deep intensity that brings the outdoors right into the heart of the home. This is one color that isn’t just beautiful, it’s also soothing and energetic.

Adding Kelly Green to your walls also invites attention as people find themselves drawn inside the room almost immediately. Kelly Green also works very well when used in furniture to create a focal point in a room. In addition to furniture, this color can add flair to home accessories. A Kelly Green lampshade will sparkle in any room where the goal is style, individuality and substance. When used with shades of rose it will create a thoughtful look that speaks gently of green fields and blooming flowers, whatever the season.

Lemon Yellow

yellow color pop interior

Lemon yellow is one of the brightest of all colours. We love its lively feel and it reminds us of sunshine and fields full of citrus fruit. It can be used in any room in the home, from the attic to the basement. It’s a popular choice for kitchens since it can liven up your space and make it more energetic and soothing.

This hue also goes well with many materials such as wood flooring, brick walls and thick wool rugs. Many people love the colour’s ability to create warmth and remind them of summer all year long. It’s an ideal shade to use for linens, dishes and other accessories. Drape a charming lemon yellow table runner across the dining room table for the ideal backdrop to your Sunday brunch with family and friends.

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice is one of the most loved of all fall shades. It combines multiple autumnal shades in a single hue, and is a statement colour that can be used in any home with ease. Pumpkin spice is wonderful for small, intimate spaces where you want colour to take center stage. A wool throw in shades of pumpkin tucked over a sofa in a living room or in a cosy bedroom will add warmth and depth to a space.

This tone is also a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms, which often get plenty of natural light. Pumpkin spice will stand out on the walls or curtains, and works well with shades of sky blue and other shades of orange such as apricot. These contrasting colors will cool it down and create a thought-through look.

Play with these colours to bring a pop of brightness and warmth into your home this winter. For more on decorating with linen go here, and to see more of our colourful linen homewares go here.

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