8 Life Hacks That You Need to Know for a Happier Year

Don’t you just love it when a friend suggests something beautifully simple that solves a problem you were stuck with? Think of us as that wise friend – here are 8 life hacks that will make your life easier, simpler and less stressful. We’re nice like that.

1.Buy more socks

Socks - Life Hacks

Oh so simple, but what a game-changer! Forget rummaging around in the odd-sock basket, or frantically hunting for the other sock that has ‘Thursday’ on it. Instead, buy at least 10 pairs of same-colour socks, with no patterns or stripes so you never have to worry about matching them up. If there are lots of you in your household just choose one colour or shade per person and you will instantly know whose socks are whose, and you’ll never have to work out sizes or pairs again. Every couple of months purge any socks with holes in and replace immediately.

2. Store cables and chargers

(image via lifehack.org)

Fed up with wires and cables everywhere? Always looking for your phone charger? Make a simple storage solution from an old cardboard box with some empty toilet rolls inside. Bundle each cable up neatly and store inside a roll, and leave space for the larger cables. If you want to be super-organised, use the clips you get on packets of bread and fasten around a cable with the name of the device it goes with, so you always know which lead is for which gadget. Glasses cases make brilliant compartments for storing cables when travelling.

3. Simplify your family’s morning routine

If you have kids and find yourself shouting and rushing to get out the door every morning, this one’s for you. Keep each person’s coat and bag on one peg (colour coded if you like) and store their shoes underneath. Stuff any gloves or hats inside the sleeves of each coat, or in the pockets, so you can avoid searching for those at the last minute. Set out uniforms or clothes the night before. You could use a song that signifies 5 minutes until leaving time, so you don’t have to chivvy people along. Tell them that when the tune comes on they have to do their mantra: “hands, teeth, hair” or whatever they need to remember. This makes the whole routine fun and takes the onus off you. Pick an upbeat, happy song and you can all set out for the day singing.

4. Get an easy-to-empty bin

This was one of Dolly Alderton’s resolutions for this year, and what a genius fix it is. If, like us, two or three times per week you wrestle the liner out of the bin, cursing and spilling unpleasant bits on the floor, this will make your life a little bit better. Invest in a good, sturdy and spacious bin that the bag will just slide out of. Put newspaper at the bottom of the bag to soak up any liquids and keep the bin clean.

5. Keep a box of cards at the ready


(image from Kate Moby, notonthehighstreet.com)

Stash some ‘thank you’ cards, birthday cards and fun postcards in a box so that you are never caught out (we love these inky animal cards). Keep some stamps in there too so you can stick them in the post at short notice. If you have space (and remember that you’ve got them) you could also keep a few small gifts in there, in case you forget someone’s birthday or want to sent a thank you to a friend.

6. Plan your meals in advance

Whilst you might love cooking, no-one enjoys the drudge of constantly thinking up different meals to make. Plan a week’s worth of meals and stick the plan inside a cupboard door along with a sheet of new ideas to try whenever you are stuck. That way you will always have inspiration to hand, and you can use that brain space for something more interesting. There are some great meal-planning apps that will help you plan, and also save you money on your groceries.

7. Make a guest hospitality set

Linen Towels - LinenMe

Make sure you are always ready for an unexpected guest by having a set of lovely guest towels, a toothbrush and some luxurious soap stored together in your bathroom.

8. Clean your sink every evening

This might sound weird, but according to cleaning expert the Fly Lady shining your sink each evening is a quick way to feel on top of your housework. Make sure the dishes are washed (or in the dishwasher) and the sink is empty, then give it a rinse out and shine any surfaces. When you come down in the morning to make coffee or set out breakfast, you will see a gleaming sink. No matter if you haven’t washed the tea towels or swept the floor, the main eye-catching element of the room will be sparkling clean.

So there you have it: 8 easy ways to simplify your life, and have a happier new year!

P.S: Need help folding a fitted sheet? We can help.