Bed Linen of New Gorgeous Designs Launched!

Bed linen is our most favorite creations as only sleeping between linen sheets reveals all the enormous benefits of linen fabric and true luxury can be experienced! And we will never get tired of designing new linen bedding sets, linen pillow cases, linen duvets, and linen fitted or flat sheets. Welcome to our brand new bed linen products – take a look here!

Bed linen - LinenMe

Inga Lukauskiene, the owner and chief designer of LinenMe tells: “Why are we so fond of linen bedding? Where should I start? 🙂 There are so many reasons! First of all – because of this splendid feeling the pure linen sheet touches your skin – soft, comfortable and soothing, the truly luxurious experience. Then comes all other benefits of linen fabric: durability, ventilation and micro-massage characteristics and many more. I just know from my great experience that when people try at least once sleeping in linen bedding, they never want anything else!”

Linen Bedding - LinenMe

Linen bed linen is recommended for those craving for best quality rest – without any compromise. Linen is a breathable fabric – makes you warm in the winter and keeps cool in the summer. It also can absorb as much as 1/5 of its weight in moisture before feeling damp… thus, always having a pleasant, fresh, cool feeling when touched or slept on. And THAT is what we call comfort!

Linen fabric has unique filtering, bacteria resistant, moisture absorbing and evaporating capabilities, linen bedding is known as anti-allergic, recommended for people with skin diseases, also for children.
It has a micro-massage effect because of the microscopic breaks throughout the fabric.

Linen Bed Linen

Moreover – owning linen bedding is a symbol of status and wealth as linen bed linen is considered luxurious choice and is appreciated by many celebrities, 5 star hotels and other concerned in best quality bedding available.

You can purchase best quality and stunning design linen bed sets, linen pillow cases, linen duvet covers and linen sheets at really affordable prices at! Check here if you want to know how we can offer you best prices and why choose LinenMe.

Linen Sheets - LinenMe

Sleep well!

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