Cozy Up with Wool Throws in New Colors You’ll Love

Have you noticed a distinctly autumnal chill in the air? Or the faint browning of leaves on the trees? As summer draws to a close our minds are turning to the coming Fall. And mostly that means maximizing coziness and freshening up our homes as we spend more time indoors.

Fall brings spectacular reds, oranges and browns in the natural world, as well as dewy cobwebs and misty mornings. There is something especially tactile about this season, from the juicy fruit in the hedgerows to the leaves crunching underfoot. Which is why we love to bring soft, snuggly textiles into our bedrooms and living rooms. There’s no simpler way to bring a new wash of color and warmth to a room than adding a wool throw. Draped over the sofa or on top of the bed, a new throw can create a fresh look and boost your home’s hygge levels.

wool throws for fall

To help you make your interior feel super-comfortable and look effortlessly stylish, choose a wool throw in complementary tones that work with your existing soft furnishings and wall color. This could be a patterned throw that contains one of the main tones in the room, but also brings fresh colors and texture. Our Marta merino wool throw is supersoft and snug, yet lightweight enough to work perfectly for Fall. And it’s now available in this luxe black and red colorway.

cozy wool throws winter

If you like to mix bold colors and love a color clash, you could opt for a bright throw that will really add some ‘wow’ factor to your space. Think a strong fuchsia pink against neutral greys or with greens for a refreshing contrast.

wool blankets fall

For a more pared back, tranquil vibe, we love layers of texture in muted tones. Lots of shades of off-whites and soft greys can look amazing, and a wool throw can add an accent of color or reinforce this minimalist palette.

minimalist colors wool throw

A wool throw is a great way to hide a shabby or past-its-best sofa, instead of having to invest in a whole new piece of furniture. Add some plump new cushions in complementary linen covers and your whole living room will feel rejuvenated and revived.

living room refresh wool throw

What to look for when buying a wool throw

  • Pure wool will give the most high quality look, but sometimes it can be scratchy. Opt for pure merino wool if you have sensitive skin, or go for a wool-linen mix for a more skin-friendly option.
  • Think about your color scheme and whether you want a pop of color in contrast, or a wool throw that will blend into an existing palette.
  • Throws are extremely versatile, doubling as picnic rugs, baby blankets and shawls. If you want a throw that can be used in other ways, consider the best size and weight – for a picnic rug you’ll need something hardwearing but not too bulky. A shawl will be best in cashmere or merino wool for extra comfort.
  • Following the garment’s care instructions is crucial to keeping your throw in great condition. When browsing, check whether a throw can be machine washed if you want something that’s easy to care for or that will be used on a high-traffic piece of furniture. A throw for your bed may need less washing as it functions a top layer. In which case a more high-maintenance throw is fine here.
  • Consider the long term. Our wool throws are built to give you years of use, so choose something you think you’ll love in future rather than following fashion fads or the ‘latest’ colors.

If you want a simple, effective and – most importantly – cozy way to update your home this Fall, check out our wool throws. We’ve just released some beautiful new colors in our Roberto and Marta collection and gorgeous new designs in the Marcus and Cashmere range, so there’s something for every taste and interior.


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