Decorating Easter Sunday table with pure linen

Easter celebrations fall on the 12th of April, Sunday, this year and with a sunny start in March chances are we will be able to enjoy a sunny Easter Sunday lunch, with plenty of fresh flowers decorating our tables.

Small decorative eggs, vases with spring blossoms and delicate baskets filled with colourful chocolates are often used to decorate Easter Sunday table, but cannot take all the credit for making the table look vibrant and welcoming. Like any other annual celebration, Easter is the perfect time and occasion for using luxurious, high quality table linens, and LinenMe has a wide selection of products that do not require any additional decoration – they drape gracefully, look elegant and fresh.

Easter Sunday Table

Create an atmosphere that brings a smile to everyone’s face with a mix of table linens, as shown in the image above. Use this off-white linen tablecloth from Emilia collection and then, depending on your preference, opt for bright tone napkins. You can choose from natural, mushroom, blood orange, mauve, platinum, and rainforest green.

Easter Sunday Table

Just like we associate red with Christmas, green colour is traditionally reserved for Easter. Try this fresh look using Diana off white linen tablecloth and rainforest green napkins from Emil collection. If you are adding green colour to your Easter table by using cut flowers, make them stand out by opting for off white linen napkins with gorgeous hemstitched detail from Una collection.

If you would like to mix more than two colours for your Easter table decoration, try combining white Emilia linen tablecloth with lovely pink and sky blue napkins. And if you still feel another colour could find its way to your table setting, try this green linen net, ideal for adding a little accent to the occasion. You can either use cut flowers or our blue hand-made linen rose as the finishing touch.

Easter Sunday Table

For the less formal Easter Sunday lunch you can skip the linen tablecloth part and go with these vivid rainforest green linen runners from LinenMe Emil collection. Again, colour is the king, and you can easily use additional colours for napkins. We have chosen light green and charcoal shades to complement the look.

If we are lucky with the sun this year, some of us will be setting Easter tables outdoors. All these luxury table linen items are suitable for using outdoors, and look lovely on wooden tabletops.

Easter Sunday Table

Admirers of timeless classic designs will appreciate this luxurious handmade linen tablecloth with its ornate hemstitched detail, available in what we call a Golden Mist colour. For the given table setting we have used celebrity placemats, beige coasters, handmade linen roses in a matching golden mist colour, and light green linen net. All these products are available from LinenMe online shop, and if ordered in time, should reach you before Easter!

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