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The task of decorating your own home may be exciting and lots of fun, however, for many it is a rather daunting experience. If you are not planning to revamp the whole house but are keen to change the mood and feel of it, turning to textiles and soft furnishings in general is the easiest and probably the most cost-effective means of revitalising your living space.

LinenMe News starts series of posts about designing your home and, without any doubt, neutral theme tops our list.

Luxury linen home in neutrals

Neutral interior schemes have been extremely popular for a while now, as neutral tones are comfortable and relaxing. A wide range of luxury linen comes in natural colour or a shade of white: off-white, ivory, cream, beige etc.

From left to right (top row):

1. Linen napkins from Jazz collection – beige and black; natural linen tablecloth Jazz 2. Wool throw Moon (beige and cream); linen cushion covers from Chrysanthemum collection (black and natural) 3. Huckaback linen hand towels from Lara collection – natural and cream; linen bags filled with dried lavender; Lara linen basket.

Second row:

4. Emilia natural linen placemats; Emilia natural linen napkins; Ema placemat (bark); black Jazz tea towel; hand-knitted Felicia placemat 5. Twist linen placemats (black); natural linen net placemat (natural) and linen Rose (red brick) 6. Satin Wheat Bed set.

If you have an idea in mind but are struggling to choose suitable soft furnishings, you can always get in touch and we will try to match items from our collections to enhance your home, or perhaps even design a similar concept board.

Photos: © LinenMe

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