Discover our Versatile Linen Huckaback Towels For Summer and Beyond


For many of us, a trip to the beach might, at last, be a possibility this summer, and we’re dreaming of packing a bag and taking off. Towels can take up an annoying amount of space in vacation packing or day tripping bags, but there is an alternative to bulky cotton towels. Have you been looking for a versatile towel that gets you dry after a shower and is also lightweight enough to take to the beach? Meet our huckaback linen bath towel – a supersoft, highly absorbent towel that works just as well after a sea swim or stretched out poolside as in the bathroom.

Huckaback as beach and tea towel

What makes a huckaback towel a great choice?

  • Absorbency – Linen is able to absorb more water than other fabrics, meaning you get drier, quicker
  • Quick drying – It also releases moisture back into the air more quickly, which means it dries fast and isn’t weighed down with water
  • Lightweight – Wet or dry, a huckaback towel is light to carry and doesn’t take up much space in your bag
  • Stylish – We craft beautiful linen towels in a wide range of patterns, colours and tones. From minimalist neutrals to bold yet calming marine blue and sumptuous gold, there’s something for every taste.
  • Durable – Despite its softness, linen is a durable, long-wearing fabric. Which means your towels will last for years, and get softer and better with every wash
  • Sustainable – Linen is a natural fabric and uses fewer resources to grow and produce than other fibres. We aim for zero-waste in our manufacturing process, using scraps and spare fragments to make napkins, placemats and small bags. You can read more about our efforts to be as environmentally-friendly as possible here.

Other versatile ways to use a huckaback towel

choosing linen towel

It’s not only our huckaback linen bath towels that have a double life as beach towels or in your gym kit. Our huckaback linen hand towels also make excellent tea towels, bringing their absorbency and quick-drying nature to your kitchen. Do you want to match your kitchen linens to your interior colour scheme? Or do you like to add pops of contrasting colours and patterns? Whatever your aesthetic, at LinenMe we make towels for every look, from pared back off-whites to vintage-inspired cheerful stripes.

Huckaback neutrals

Investing in a set of huckaback linen towels means you have plenty of options. Wrap yourself in cosy softness as you step out of your bath. Dry wriggly children quickly and gently. Sling the bath towels in a tote and head off to the beach. Grab the hand towel and mop up your kitchen spills or get your pans sparklingly clean and dry.

Then, when you’ve finished, you can wash them in your washing machine, hang them out to dry or tumble dry, and store them ready for when you need them next. Thanks to its charming natural creases, you don’t need to iron your linens, just embrace their inherent textures.

huckaback linen towel

Yes, we know we’re biased, but linen towels really are a wondrous thing! Try a set of our huckaback towels and see how many ways you can use them.

For tips on how to care for linen go here, and for thought on summer essentials dive in here.

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