Good News for Members of SAS Eurobonus Program!

This week LinenMe and SAS Eurobonus program has signed a partnership agreement. From now on anyone having Eurobonus points will be able to spend them on a selection of LinenMe products!

Linen Tablecloths - LinenMe

SAS Eurobonus program is designed for those flying with SAS Company and using services or buying products of their partners. A member earns certain amount of points for every flight or service/product purchased. The points later can be exchanged to flights, car rentals, hotel stays or shopping in a Eurobonus shopping mall.

LinenMe team is happy to start partnership with one of the most important flight companies in the world. The agreement signed shows the trust of SAS Company in capabilities, quality and potential of LinenMe.
At the moment a member of Eurobonus program can spend his or her points on several items of LinenMe and WoolMe brands: linen tablecloths Tuscany and Provence, linen scarves Garza, wool throws Jazz and Burbuole.

Wool Throws

If you are a member of this SAS program and have an amount of points collected, we invite you to spend them on one of our items! Just like one member has already did!

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Fabulous, absolutely fabulous!


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