Gorgeous New Linen Aprons for Barbeque Season

Have you started your barbeque season yet? It seems in my country the season has already started! On weekends one can smell delicious smells when driving through a neighborhood 🙂 Being a true admirer of al fresco meals myself, I am happy the weather is warm enough to start having weekend lunches on a terrace. And of course it‘s a chance to show off my new linen apron to my neighbors 🙂

linen apron citrine yellow - linenme

I am very glad we managed to launch this new collection of kitchen and barbeque linen aprons just in time they are needed. Everyone needs a cooking apron for barbecuing their favorite hamburgers or preparing salad or fussing with children at the table.

A proper apron and tea towels help one so much! Linen aprons and linen tea towels from LinenMe are very functional as well as beautiful as well. With a linen apron you will save your time and effort while preparing meal and provide coverage for your clothes (highly important when having guests, isn‘t it?). The apron is long enough to cover your dress or trousers, it has a comfortable fit, and a side pocket can be used for small necessities or to tuck a tea towel in. Apart from all this linen apron is designed to adorn the wearer – the colors are sophisticated and gorgeous (aubergine, citrine, French blue, orange, natural), the length will flatter the figure while the back straps will help to accentuate the waist. Add the soft prewashed pure linen fabric the apron is made from and you get not only a functional piece of kitchen textile but also a stylish garment for your quality time inside or outside.

Linen Aprons

Tea towels when barbequing are never too many, don‘t you think? So many things to spill, drop, soil and wipe! What you really need is a tea towel is absorbent, soft and lint free. Which is exactly what linen tea towels from LinenMe are 🙂 The fabric is prewashed during production process so the towel is extremely soft and absorbs moisture instantly. It also dries very quickly and leaves no stains after wiping. After using as many towels as you needed just toss them to your washing machine and wash in cool temperatures. Then tumble dry or hang to dry. If natural creases are unwelcomed you might want to iron your linen towels when still damp.

Our linen tea towels come in a variety of beautiful colors (aubergine, citrine, orange, French blue, natural) – to be used on their own or matched to your linen apron.

Linen Aprons for Barbeque

I know I am a tenacious advocate of linen kitchen linen but I just know what I say! They have proved so many times to be time and effort saving accessories I do not even want to think of using anything else! Try by yourself!

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