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April 10, 2020

In these strange times it's hard to find a sense of normality and routine. But traditional holidays can help. They can be a focal point for family gatherings within the household, so that instead of just existing alongside each other (sometimes far too closely!) we can actively do something fun together. And thanks to technology there are plenty of opportunities to stay in touch with loved ones who are quarantined or in lockdown elsewhere. Keeping some familiar routines and rituals can be very comforting when everything is so uncertain and scary. So, here are some ideas for having a happy Easter weekend, despite the difficult situation we are all facing.

Happy Easter
Photo by Debby Hudson
  • Have a meal together

    Whether or not you celebrate Easter, this is a great time to try to join your family together in celebration. A roast lunch on Sunday, with whatever supplies you can get your hands on (break the rules here - if it means fish finger sandwiches instead of a lamb shoulder and roast potatoes, go for it!). What counts is spending proper time together, and keeping some sense of familiarity. If you're on your own in lockdown and feeling lonely, there are lots of local organisations with volunteers ready to make phone calls and have chats. Check out social media to find a group nearby, or pop a note through a neighbour's door asking them to ring you. Reach out if you're struggling.

  • Organise an egg hunt

    If you're lucky enough to have some outdoor space, hide some chocolate eggs around the garden for children (and adults) to find. This is always a fun Easter activity, and will help get everyone out in the fresh air for a bit. If you're stuck in a small flat, hide eggs around your home, perhaps setting clues to make it harder to find them.

  • Bring Nature indoors

Photo by Maria Shanina

So many of us are finding great joy in the new life appearing around us outside: the birdsong is loud and jubilant, green shoots are pushing through the warming soil and butterflies and bees have started to visit in search of nectar. If you can't get outdoors, fling open a window and seize the new-found quiet, whilst most traffic has stopped, to notice the small signs of Spring around you. You could learn to identify birdsong, sew some seeds, or simply observe Nature going about its business around you.

If you have a garden, gather sticks, feathers and moss to create a little birds' nest to use as a table setting for Easter. Tiny quails' eggs look beautiful tucked into a homemade nest – and you can eat them afterwards!

  • Set your table for a special occasion

Photo by LinenMe
Photo by LinenMe
  • We've mentioned before that recent research showed people perceive food to be more tasty when eating at a table laid with a tablecloth. Given that a lavish feast may well be impossible, take advantage of this by quirk by creating a beautiful table setting – use charming linen napkins and a favourite tablecloth, add small jars of Spring blooms, lay twigs along the table and tie herbs around place-labels and put on plates. A small touch can make a simple meal feel, and even taste, so much more special.

  • Organise an online group quiz

    As we won't be visiting family or friends this Easter, how about organising a group quiz? Each family group can set 10 questions in a certain category, and then you all 'meet' up online to answer them. This can be really fun, and something even teenagers might enjoy!

  • Let go of perfection and idealism

    Many of us went into lockdown with plans for completing all those niggling jobs around the house that we never have time for. Or to learn to paint with watercolours, or write the novel we've always wanted to write. It's slowly becoming clear that these ambitious goals have often proved too much. The very act of keeping our loved ones safe and fed, of working and juggling and staying on top of the news, has left us with no time and even less energy for 'projects'. Make this weekend a time of rest and repair. We are all living through unbelievably challenging times – don't pile on more things to cope with.

We hope you are all safe and well. If possible, try to buy from smaller, local suppliers and companies who are committed to sustainability and combating climate change – when this is all over there will be rebuilding to do and the same environmental challenges facing us.

Do let us know how you're coping in lockdown using the comments below. We will read and reply to every comment, and are always here for our readers and customers. We've got some exciting things planned for the coming weeks that we'll tell you all about soon. Until then, happy Easter weekend, wherever you're spending it.


Thank you for the nice ways we can bond.
I am alone. Prayer yoga and healthy eating are how I cope when alone.

Still I miss having company. It’s hard.
I love linen me. I do have some pretty white dinner napkins with blue stripe. They are thicker than most thus wash easily without a press. I saw them in a gorgeous shop in Portland Maine years ago. Would love to get a linen me dress sometime.

Easter blessings.


Hi Julie.
Thanks for getting in touch - sorry to hear you're finding it tough being alone. We hope your yoga and healthy food bring some comfort in these difficult times. Stay safe and well.

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