Home Decoration Ideas for Autumn

The changes of season brings a lot of changes to all of our homes. We change our wardrobes, our make-up and most importantly, the interior of our home. With autumn already starting, we have decided to prepare a few ideas for home decoration for autumn.

With natural fabrics taking up the fashion industry lately we decided to keep natural fibres the key point of our ideas.

Neutral coloured cushions

Cushion Covers - LinenMe

Cushions are a great decoration to any room at any house. Matching neutral coloured cushions with a bright coloured sofa or a throw is a great accent for autumn. Bedroom, living room and even the bathroom – small and cute cushions can brighten up every room.

Patterned wool throws

Home Decoration - Wool Throws

The newest trend in wool throw fashion – patterned throws. A patterned throw can be easily matched with single coloured surroundings, so it is perfect for a classy and casual living room. On top of that, they are great for cuddling up into in front of the fireplace.

Linen baskets

Home Decoration - Linen Baskets

Don’t forget your kitchen – it also needs accessorizing. Small thing can make huge differences, and tiny baskets for storing small items – fruits, nuts and other stuff. A great storage place and also a cute accessory for your kitchen, what could be better?

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Cairo 2019-10-01

Nice line of this article “natural fabrics taking up the fashion industry, lately we decided to keep natural fibers the key point of our ideas.”

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