How to Choose the Perfect Towels for Your Guest Bathroom

Having guests can be a huge headache, especially if they are people who might judge you for your hospitality. Making sure everything is perfect – from sheets and linens to perfect towels and slippers can take a lot of time.

To ease your burden we prepared several advices in choosing towels that will be perfect for every guest that might stop by.

Perfect Towels - LinenMe

  • Choose one of each size. Some people love those large beach-sized towels and some just cannot stand them. If you want them to be perfect for everyone, put a pile of towels in all sizes – a large towel, medium one and a small face towel.
  • Make sure your towels are the same colour and size. If you have more than one guest in your place you have to treat them all equally, do not offend anyone by giving them a towel that is twice as small as the other one.
  • Grab a few towels from different materials. While cotton and huckaback linen towels are perfect for almost everyone, the best advice would be to place a cotton one, a linen one and maybe a hypoallergenic one and let the guests choose themselves.
  • Do not overdo it. Although we suggested not making choices for your guests and letting them choose themselves, it definitely does not mean that you should buy every possible type of towels and load your guest bathroom with them. Keep it simple and classy and your guests will be happy you are taking care of them so well.

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