Know Your Fabrics: the Most Important Facts about Cotton, Linen, Silk and Wool

Cotton, linen, silk and wool – they all are natural fabrics. All of these materials are grown naturally and have no threat for your health. Each natural fibre has its own characteristics. We decided that everyone who uses a natural fabric at home deserves to know the main characteristics of the most used fabrics. Below you will find a list of natural materials with a description of their main characteristics. Let’s start with facts about cotton.


Facts about Cotton

  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Highly absorbent


Linen - LinenMe

  • Highly absorbent
  • Durable & strong
  • Stronger when wet than dry
  • Does not stretch
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low elasticity
  • Breaks easily when flexed
  • Resistant to moth
  • Resists dirt & stains
  • No lint or pill tendency
  • Withstands high temperature and yield moderate shrinkage
  • Does wrinkle easily


Facts about Silk

  • Elegant soft lustre
  • Soft, smooth, not slippery
  • Strong, poor elasticity
  • Heat & cold insulating properties
  • High moisture regain
  • Poor conductivity of electricity
  • High shrinkage, needs pre-wash which cuts shrinkage from 8% to 4%


Facts about wool

  • Excellent warming capacity
  • High absorbency
  • Good wicking properties
  • Wear resistant
  • Excellent natural elasticity
  • Wool’s scaling and crimp make it easier to spin and felt
  • Excellent bulk
  • Absorbs odours and noise


Kassandra Jones-Davis 2020-01-27

I’m thinking of getting into making cloth diapers, so I’m doing research on different natural fabrics. Most ppl choose hemp or cotton to absorb and wool to contain it and wick away moisture. But what if I chose to use linen instead of hemp/cotton for the inserts or even silk for the inside of the diaper? If linen and silk hold up better than any other fabric, would they make the perfect diaper? Even if I choose to use them with hemp?

linenme 2020-01-31

Dear Kassandra,

It’s very interesting research you are doing. We are confident that linen absorbs well and the same confidence we here from our customers buying our linen towels. Will it work for cloth diapers I believe your research should answer this question.


Uma 2018-12-17

Does linen tissue contain any silk

linenme 2018-12-30

It does not.


Sherrie 2015-08-30

Hi my name is Sherrie. I’m really interested in becoming a stockist to buy regular bulk 100%linen from you. I’m in the process off making my own clothing line and I’m looking at where I would like to source my linen.


linenme 2016-09-16

Dear Sherrie, please contact LinenMe customer support (

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