Linen Accessories – Decorative and Useful for Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home, you will definitely enjoy making it look stylish and fancy. For design inspirations look at some examples in the internet and surely read out tips to making your kitchen look stylish with linen accessories.

Mason jars

Mason jars are not only a great companion to your shelves, but also a great decoration tool. Filling them with water and glitter may sound cheesy, but glittery jars can make your windowsills look a lot better. But today we are suggesting one more way to use empty mason jars in decorating your kitchen. Hanging herb mason jars are not only pretty, but also very practical. These things will not only furnish your shelves and cabinets, but also will equip you with all kinds of natural herbs that you can use as seasoning while cooking.

Linen baskets

Linen baskets - LinenMe

Beautiful linen baskets from can serve as a useful and elegant storage for biscuits, small kitchen utensils or even kitchen accessories. Ideal for storage linen baskets also add a natural accent to your kitchen and make it look more luxurious and stylish. So by buying a practical and beautiful accessory for your kitchen will certainly make no mistake.

Teacup gardens

Ever thought, that a little windowsill garden could make your kitchen look brighter and more natural? Well, it is about time you get to work and make yourself an easy DIY teacup garden. By simply using unnecessary teacups or buying a set of big teacups and planting several plants in them you will make your kitchen windowsill look like a miniature garden. Also, if you choose oxygen generation plants the garden will also be good for your health!

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