New range of fabulous linen beach towels

After sunscreen these new linen beach towels from LinenMe will fly to the top of your holiday essentials list. Embodying the freedom of swimming outdoors, days spent collecting shells on the beach, impromptu poolside picnics and simple adventures, these towels are the perfect travel companions.

Beach Towels Fringe - LinenMe

Cut from pure, highest quality linen in colours that reflect azure Mediterranean skies and the muted, cool stone of a seaside cottage, these towels are super absorbent and quick to dry. They are lightweight and compact, taking up about as much space as your holiday book and are far less than a bulky terry towel. Linen towels are also sand-resistant, meaning you don’t end up with a bag full of beach at the end of your day out.

Easy to care for and light enough to wash by hand if you find yourself somewhere remote, a linen towel can be rinsed and dried in minutes, leaving you more time for relaxing. Linen also offers some UV protection and is a more eco-friendly fibre than cotton. It is gentle and kind on the skin too.

Beach Towels Tuscany LinenMe

Large enough to drape over a sun lounger and elegant enough to wear as a sarong, LinenMe’s beach towels get better with age, softening with each use. Step out of the sea and into their comforting folds. And when you’re back home, they will remind you of happy, lazy, sun-filled days.

Crafted using traditional hand looms and drawing upon three generations’ experience working with linen, LinenMe offer an array of beautiful, top quality home textiles. Their linen towels are beloved by people in over 60 countries across the world thanks to the incredible absorbency, softness and quick drying properties of the fabric.

From the careful sourcing of raw flax, through the meticulous design process to the delicate hand stitching, each item is produced to order and is customisable, giving LinenMe’s products a bespoke feel usually assigned to far more costly products. Their ethos is centred around making gorgeous homewares that are sustainable and long-lasting, becoming the heirlooms of future generations.

Philippe linen beach towel

Francesca linen beach towel

Multistripe linen beach towel

Provence linen beach towel

Provence fringe linen beach towel

Tuscany linen beach towel

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