Linen – A Fabric That Meets All Your Needs 

Imagine something so amazing you want to wear it, dress your home with it, even sleep in it. Well, we’ve got good news for you – such thing does exist and it’s called linen. It is the oldest fabric that has been widely used for more than 4000 years. Linen has a number of advantages and can be adapted to a variety of purposes. This is exactly what we are going to introduce you with in this article.


Linen – irreplaceable for clothing you wear

Linen fabric is natural, lightweight and breathable, so your skin will feel maximum comfort when wearing it. These are the reasons why linen is such a popular choice in clothing production. From linen tunics to linen skirtsshirts and linen dresses – this fabric is suitable for almost any type of piece and gladly, we can offer them all to you. Pick aqua linen dress or sea blue linen dress if you fancy bright, bold colours to stand out of the crowd. Choose silver linen shirt and white linen trousers if you feel like classy simplicity.


Linen fabric has cooling as well as warming features, so it’s used regardless the season of the year. When it’s blazing in summer, it will keep you dry by releasing the excess humidity. In winter, linen clothing will retain the heat from your body, which will make you feel nicely warm and cosy.


Linen clothing is attractive also because of its natural looks. There’s no need to iron them, as creasing is one of its features that makes linen garments look pure and genuine.

Sleep tight in linen bedding

guest room essentials

Linen bed sheets, pillow casesbed sets and bed duvets are known for their unique ability to absorb moisture in order to keep it away from your skin during the hot night. When sleeping in one of the natural linen bed sets, you can experience a better sensation of comfort and rest well, which means more energy along with productiveness during the day.

Linen fabric is known to have a positive effect on health, so investing in it means not only comfort, but also everyday well-being.

Linen bathroom essentials you want to hug

The purity of linen fabric makes it an ideal material to use for linen bath towels. They are light, soft and dry the skin well and quick. There’s no feeling like the one after a bath or a shower when you snug yourself in a cosy linen bath towel and you want to stay in it for as long as possible. Bath towels made of linen are irreplaceable companions for a relaxing home SPA

Linen bathroom towels are very easy to care for and extremely durable, so you can be certain that they will partner with you for a long time.


Linen décor for your stylish home

Apart from practical-only use, linen home textiles can turn your home into a stylish yet peaceful oasis. It absorbs dies well, so various colours and patterns can be applied in order to satisfy even the most demanding customer – from stone blue tablecloths and monochrome placemats to striped cherry hand towels and bright orange aprons – you can find it all in our assortment.


Linen kitchen accessories are acknowledged by the majority of nature and ecological product lovers. Such products are great not only at water-absorption, but also at decoration of the table and kitchen overall. Don’t forget the window décor too – linen curtains add organic touch to the interior and look very appealing with their natural crumples.


All linen kitchen decorations are useful in the situations when you start feeling like you need to refresh and renew your kitchen interior. Instead of replacing the furniture or equipment, you can replace your kitchen towels to the ones of another colour or pattern instead. Why not trying a tablecloth in this season’s trendy green colour? You will immediately fall in love with your kitchen all over again!



laura 2020-04-23

Is all linen the same? I am trying to find a soft lightweight linen to make a changing pad cover. I want the linen to be soft like the sheets. Is there a difference other than the sheets being prewashed?

linenme 2020-04-26

Dear Laura,

Linen fabrics are not the same. The yarns used and the weave itself would define the thickness of the fabric. It is measured in grams / m2.
All linen fabrics will get softer with every wash. LinenMe offers a variety of linen fabrics that would meet your needs.


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