Linen Pillows and Linen Scarves in Most Famous Department Store in Tokyo!

Linen bed linen from LinenMe has already established its reputation in Japan – our linen bedlinen is available for purchase in the most prestigious department store in Tokyo – Isetan Shinjuku (an equivalent to Harrod’s in London). This was our great achievement which we are very proud of it. To be accepted to one of the most luxurious stores is Japan with extremely strict quality control was our dream which we made come true. But lately even more joyous news has reached us – we were granted even more space and our linen pillows, linen scarves and linen bags were chosen to be sold in Isetan Shinjuku!

Isetan - LinenMe

And not only the prospective sales is what makes us so happy – it’s the fact that LinenMe was able to keep to extremely high standards (of quality, of uniqueness of design etc.) of Japan clients and expand with such a demanding retailer!

Linen Pillow Cases - LinenMe

Today a shopper of Isetan Shinjuku apart from linen bed linen and linen towels can choose among several designs and sizes of linen pillow cases, gorgeous soft linen scarves Garza, trendy lightweight bright-colored linen balloon bags. It is also possible for a client who wants to create something beautiful with her or his own hands to buy linen fabrics of LinenMe design.

Should you like to try out what rich Japanese people appreciate so much, visit our shop and take a look at a wide array of linen pillow cases, linen scarves and linen bedlinen and maybe buy one for yourself! What our experience says – once tried linen home textile becomes one’s favorite from then on!

Linen bedding is useful for your health, linen scarves is easy and affordable way to change your outfit and add style, linen balloon bags are perfect for summer or weekend activities and linen beach towels are simply irreplaceable in your bathroom.

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