Linen Scarf – A Multifunctional Summer Accessory

Linen Scarves

LinenMe has presented the new collection of linen scarves, called Garza, in the beginning of this year and they became our bestsellers at once!

Thin, soft and crumpled – Garza scarves are pleasant to one’s skin. Great colors and a wide variety of them suit any taste. Because of quality and plain shades they can be matched to almost any outfit – be it a classic suit or beach clothes. All this made Garza linen scarf so popular among our clients.

We want to thank you for all your purchases and also share with you some ideas of using a linen scarf more creatively. It’s always good to know you have a multifunctional piece of clothing!

So, we and our clients use Garza linen scarves like this:

– a scarf around your neck – as an accessory to complete the look or to protect against cold,

– a scarf around your shoulders – Garza scarves are wide and long, and so can add some warmth and coziness during cool summer evenings,

– Garza scarf makes a perfect beach skirt – just wrap it around your hips,

– use it as a bandanna – if you forgot your hat at home or want to add some style to your attire,

– you or your children had an unexpected swim? Use your Garza scarf to absorb the moisture – it will become dry again very quickly,

– want to lie down in the park? Spread your scarf on the grass.

– use it for your baby in various occasions – to cover when she is sleeping, to make a shield from the sun or wind, to line in a pram for extra comfort, wrap around her body if the jacket was forgotten at home!

Linen scarves

As you know by yourself and can see from our examples – there are no limits for being creative. Just pick a Garza scarf or several of them of your favorite color and use it every day – experiment and tell us what you think.

We also want to remind you that LinenMe has a linen clothing collection – and linen scarves look especially beautiful when matched with linen clothing – they add style!

Should you want to get a Garza linen scarf for free, participate in our monthly prize draw – the prize of a month is a Garza scarf – so try your luck! Just register here and you may be the lucky winner!

Linen Scarf - LinenMe

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