Linen Towels and Linen Napkins from LinenMe in Press Again!

We are so proud and happy when famous home interior, lifestyle or interior decor magazines feature our products! We are aware of highly qualified experts working there and we know much energy and time they invest to select only the best home décor items of millions available to present in their magazines. And seeing our linen napkins or linen towels or anything else made by hands of our devoted employees in the appreciated and authoritative magazines is such a joy!

Because being featured there means we have interesting designs! We have top quality! We have trendy colors! We have fabrics, textures and patterns that impress! We are appreciated by those who use our products and those who only plan doing so!

This spring we were noticed by two well know interior and lifestyle magazines. First one – Southern Lady (special annual edition) – featured linen napkins Emilia by LinenMe in their gorgeous table setting representing how “glorious bursts of color awakens otherwise neutral setting”. And we always stay that, too! Bring some beautiful flowers, colorful candles, add a bright linen napkin to each plate and you have a festive, joyous and memorable mood at your dinner table! Should you like to make a setting like fabulous southerner ladies do, check our linen napkins in our shop.

Linen Napkins - LinenMe

Southern Lady magazine is a bimonthly publication that celebrates, delights, and inspires women who live in the South-and those who are simply Southern at heart. It focuses on the joys of heart and home and the art of gracious living. It strives to bring a bit of Southern hospitality into the lives of each and every reader.

Another magazine that featured our Provence linen fabric that lots of linen towels and other linen items are made of in their March edition is The World of Interiors magazine. The World of Interiors is a beautiful magazine that features articles and photographs about interior design. It brings together the broadest spectrum of homes, art features and product shoots, with editorial of the highest integrity, produced to the highest specifications. And this magazine has selected our Provence black linen fabric to illustrate their new review of London Design Week! Fabulous!

Being featured in some well-known magazines means a lot to us. This means our work, our vision and our products are admired, appreciated and they are worth all the effort we put in!

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