LinenMe Changes: Brand Grand-Makeover and Client-Designed Home Textile

“It’s time for big changes! Five years of hard work proved to be successful and we are extremely happy with the fact of the steady business growth and increasing acknowledgement throughout the international markets. Now we are selling our home textile products to more than 50 countries and have grown 40% over the last year. ” – Says Inga Lukauskiene, the owner and chief designer of LinenMe.

“We have outgrown boundaries, our mindset and ourselves and we are ready for changes. We had plenty of time to get to know our clients, to explore manufacturing possibilities, collect and test design ideas, learn from our mistakes. These were our start years and now we are ready to utilize our knowledge and experience for even better client experience.”

From 24th of July LinenMe presents its new look to the world: new website design, packaging and other marketing material. What stays the same is something LinenMe team strongly believes in:
1. Love and passion for manufacturing highest quality linen home textiles and clothes.
2. Flexibility and willingness to help LinenMe clients’ creative ideas come true.
3. Commitment to make linen textile affordable.

“Successful business and happy clients that return with their positive feedback and repeated purchases commit us to upgrade our looks and ways we operate in order to meet needs and tastes of intelligent and quickly-learning clients of modern days” – says Inga Lukauskiene. New markets, new clients in new cultures, new technologies increase the ambition of LinenMe and also demand new approach.

This is why the completely new brand look is presented and even greater emphasis on client experience created. LinenMe team is improving its client service – launches more user-friendly website, strengthens personal communication, quickens reaction to questions and feedback and also delivery times.

But most importantly – LinenMe raises completely new approach to linen and linen textile products. Purchasing some linen table cloth, napkins or bed linen is not only getting some new home textile for client’s personal use. It’s much more.

Since very old times linen fabrics and products have been passed from one generation to another. They are not only natural, healthy to use and carry, but also strong and durable. Therefore, women passed woven linen as a dowry for future generations to preserve family history.

LinenMe is continuing the tradition – now a client can design his or her own linen treat, and this way – using linen as a medium – to tell his or her story, pass his or her character and individuality to the future generations.

“Although the quantities of orders and products sold, partnerships with some famous names in retail dictate us to be mass-market oriented and deploy a big-company’s mindset, we still believe in close relationships with our clients, hand-work, uniqueness, personal approach and affordability.” – says Inga.

Changing the brand looks, and overall mindset – shifting the position from only being manufacturer to providing opportunities for a client to participate in the creation process -make LinenMe ready for challenges of the big world and enables to meet the needs and wants of even most educated and stylish clients.

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