LinenMe Shop News: Elegant Linen Cushion Covers and Unique Wool Throws

Linen throws and linen cushion covers together with curtains and carpets are those interior elements that help us the most when softness and coziness in the room is needed. And therefore we are never tired of expanding the assortment of linen cushion covers and ..wool throws in our shop!

Decorative Cushion Covers - LinenMe

Today we announce new arrivals to the categories: new pure linen cushion covers – striped and plain, and new wool throws – patterned and plain; and many colors!

Linen cushion covers are an especially wise choice: they are easy care – can be washed whenever needed, do not shrink, stains are removed easily (and therefore very hygienic, for that matter); they are soft – nice for your skin; they are made of natural material – pure linen fabric, which looks inviting even from afar; linen accepts dyes easily, therefore lots of beautiful colors and shades are available to mix and match to satisfy your tastes; they are affordable – one can add new covers or change all of them at once.

Decorative Cushion Covers - LinenMe

One can choose plain linen cushion covers of beautiful shades – celery, citrine, lake blue, cream, green etc.
Those in favor of neutral colors have a wide choice of striped designs: Brittany Small and Brittany medium, Lucas, Francesca, Multistripe and Philippe.

All the new covers have a convenient and decorating front opening with natural horn buttons.

The top news in our throws collection is Lara Fringe throws. These are our first pure linen throws. They are lightweight, adorned with handmade fringes, died in subtle shades: silver, celery, French blue, cream and off white. Very soft and thin they are perfect for babies and children.

Bed linen - LinenMe

Two more newcomers are Roberto and Eleonora throws. Roberto’s distinction is its extremely soft texture – it is made of 100% merino extra fine wool. People with delicate skin will appreciate these silver, brown and grey Roberto wool throws very much. Eleonora wool throws are made by hand! They take 2-3 days to produce. Made merino and acrylic mix they have soft and fluffy texture and are perfect for everyday use.

Merino Wool Throws - LinenMe

Come in grey / white, grey / beige and indigo blue / silver shades.

Come and check our new products! More to come this autumn!

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