LinenMe Starts Selling Linen Clothes!

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„Finally, after so many days of work, our new clothing line is ready to be presented“, says Inga Lukauskiene, the owner and chief designer of LinenMe.

From 3rd of June, 2010, LinenMe starts the new category in the shop – pure linen clothing and accessories. There are several designs of dresses, blouses, tunics, trousers, etc. Color palette is fashionable, yet classic and elegant – white, black, lilac and purple – perfect for any taste.

„Having so many enquiries from our customers of why we do not make clothing of the same high quality linen, the team of LinenMe took a challenge and put the heads and hands together in order to create a line of beautiful, elegant, yet functional clothing”, – shares Inga. “We highly value the feedback and wishes of our clients and seek to satisfy their needs. This gives us inspiration. We know from experience that once a lover of linen – always a lover, and therefore the demand of contemporary clothing made of this traditional and natural fabric is highly understandable.”

All our linen clothes and linen bags are made of natural linen, which is such a comfort to wear. The linen clothes from LinenMe were designed for a busy, active woman, who nevertheless takes care of herself, minds the way she looks, and wants to look feminine.

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“It is so easy nowadays to forget to look feminine”, – says Inga Lukauskiene. “The hectic lifestyle dictates us to be fast, save time and therefore we spend less time for our looks. Dark colors, functional pieces of clothing with little decoration and detail occupy our wardrobes. And we want to make a difference.”

Clothes from LinenMe are suitable both for office-time and leisure.

They are classic, so can suit a dress code of most of companies. Especially when combined with a jacket of muted color. The benefits of linen fabric become evident – less perspiration as the material “breathes” and let your skin breathe; comfort during all day; coolness on a hot day; as linen clothes are worn crumpled, no need to worry about your shirts looking differently in the end of the day.

Linen clothes are best loved during leisure time, of course. It is the ease of wearing and the feeling of ease when wearing them what makes them so special. They make one cool on the hot day and warm on the cool one, they look fresh and are comfortable, they are easy to take care of, and – they ARE fashionable!

Every piece of new LinenMe clothing is made with a great care and attention to detail.

“We are known and appreciated for our design and quality” – says Inga, the owner and designer of LinenMe, “and we strive to maintain this in this our new product category. Our ultimate wish is that opening every package from LinenMe and wearing what’s inside becomes a little feast for an eye and soul of our customer.”

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