LinenMe Featured in Lithuanian Business Review

A feature showcasing the start and growth of Lithuanian linen brand LinenMe was recently published in a business magazine ‘Lithuanian Business Review’. We are pleased to be able to share this article with you.

Lithuanian linen

LinenMe. Sophisticated, luxurious and proudly Lithuanian

“Linen can be contemporary, it can be stylish and luxurious,” – says Inga Lukauskiene, a talented Lithuanian textile designer and founder of the first Lithuanian linen export brand LinenMe. It is a brave statement, but a wide selection of elegant and sophisticated linens available from her online shop prove that there’s nothing old-fashioned about Lithuanian linen.

“For many years linen in Lithuania was perceived as un-cool and dated, however, in recent times linen is going through a revival stage. Pure linen is getting more and more popular, vintage weaving and designs are fashionable again, and linen shops in Lithuania are not just for the tourists,” – says I.Lukauskiene.

Linen towels, bedding, tablecloths, kitchen and bathroom accessories that bear the name “LinenMe” are manufactured in Plungė, at the family-run manufacturing unit.

Linen production is a cherished family tradition, with some members of Inga’s family having worked in the industry for over 30 years. The family takes great pride in keeping old linen production traditions alive.

“Once Lithuania gained the Independence, my mother, who has worked in linen industry for over 35 years, established her own linen production company in Plunge. For many years this company was manufacturing luxurious hand-made linen tablecloths, towels, bedding and other home accessories, but all this was carried out for foreign clients,” – says Inga Lukauskiene, a recent graduate from London’s KLC School of Design.

Over many years of successful partnerships Lithuanian linen was produced in Plunge for such globally known brands as Crate&Barrel (USA), Bloomingdales (USA), Conran (UK), Felissimo (Japan) and many others.

The young entrepreneur remembers: “I have been involved in linen production process since the very beginning, and it always struck me that no matter how high the quality is of our Lithuanian linen, it will still bear the name of some foreign brand, sold at a famous high street shop or a department store with just a tiny mention in the tag “Made in Lithuania”. We decided that it would be excellent to develop our own Lithuanian linen brand and try to establish it in the European, or perhaps even global, market.”

Started in 2007, LinenMe brand has been going from strength to strength, delivering luxurious Lithuanian linens to buyers in nearly 50 foreign countries. With the convenient online shopping facility at, purchasing unique Lithuanian linen has never been easier.

Along with amber and honey, linen has unique powers of representing Lithuania abroad, as traditional flax growing and linen production techniques are a significant part of Lithuanian heritage. The fabric can be used for souvenirs and merchandising, as well as larger-scale items such as tablecloths, bedding sets, curtains, clothing garments, rugs and accessories. The majority of LinenMe products can be purchased as exquisite gifts from Lithuania, and the convenience of ordering online makes the shopping process easy and stress-free.

Apart from ongoing introduction of new linen collections, LinenMe offers bespoke design service. Whether it is custom-made curtains or monogrammed linen bedding, LinenMe have the luxury of delivering custom-made linen products promptly, meeting some of the toughest deadlines.

“What is the secret behind the LinenMe growth? One of the main and long-lasting principles within LinenMe has always been producing top of the range hand-made items,” – says Inga. –“Lithuanian linen products have been winning the hearts of linen lovers all over the world for decades. And for a good reason – Lithuanian linen is world-known for its quality, distinctive dark shade, traditional methods of processing, weaving, embroidery and hemstitching.”

High quality Lithuanian linen products can be ordered online at and delivered worldwide.


Dawn Waterton 2020-09-30

My Provence tablecloth is exactly what I wanted, it looks and feels beautiful.
I’m looking forward to many years of seeing it on my dining table.

Initially I ordered the wrong colour, but the staff at LinenMe were very helpful and changed my order even though it had already been despatched, so many thanks to them.

What’s more it arrived on the date I was given!

Amazing service.



Jacqueline Wynne-Jones 2020-08-23

Interested in bed linen and table linen thankyou

linenme 2020-08-31

Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you for your interest. Please take a look at our bed linen and table linen sections on


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