Why We’re Loving Linen Jumpsuits This Spring

We are thrilled to launch the first linen jumpsuit in our collection for Spring 2019. And we think you’re going to love it. Whether you’re new to the joys of jumpsuits and overalls or a long-term fan, this post is a tribute to this marvel of a garment. From Instagram style influencers like Tracey Lea Sayer to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow tons of women are embracing all-in-ones for their comfort, super-cool style and versatility.

linen jumpsuits for summer

Here’s why we love a linen jumpsuit more than pretty much anything else in our Spring wardrobe:

1. Simple to wear

Getting dressed is so much easier when you don’t need to worry about matching a top with bottoms. With a jumpsuit you simply slip it on, maybe consider a cardigan or jacket if the weather is chilly, and you’re good to go. Fuss-free dressing that still packs a style punch. What could be better?

2. Effortlessly stylish

There’s something very ‘Oh, I just threw this outfit together yet I look impeccably chic’ about jumpsuits. More edgy than dresses but also elegant and surprisingly flattering, an all-in-one will make you look effortlessly pulled-together.

linen jumpsuit

3. Great for all occasions

From the office to a night out, a good, well-cut jumpsuit can take you seamlessly through your day. Wear with white sneakers during the day and then a pair of strappy heels and a slick of lipstick for the evening. Our linen jumpsuit is sleeveless, which means you can layer for warmth and then bare your arms on a date night or for summer cocktails by the pool.

4. Maximum comfort

We are great believers in clothes being comfortable. We are no slaves to fashion, agonisingly squeezing into stifling, restrictive garments just to try to stay ahead of the fashion pack. Yes, we want to look great, but we aren’t prepared to suffer for our style. Cue soft, supple linen and easy silhouettes. Jumpsuits might seem a bit of a fiddle but once you’ve got the hang of them they are incredibly comfortable and practical. No unseemly (or chilly) waistline exposing, and no tricky waistbands (too high/ too low) – just one, easy piece that you can accessorise with a belt, bag or jewellery or just wear as it is, in all its simple perfection.

5. Long-lasting fashion that outlives fads

While jumpsuits might be having a bit of a fashion moment, our linen version is no trendy fad. It’s designed to flatter, to be elegant and cool, and to be worn time and again. And we think you’ll love it so much you’ll be wearing it in years to come, regardless of what the fast fashion world tells you is the next must-have. Linen is a sustainable material and will biodegrade once the time comes for you and your jumpsuit to part ways.

Pair our linen jumpsuit with a straw hat and linen tote for easy vacation styling, or with clogs, gold hoops and trim blazer for a night out on the town.

How would you wear yours? Tag us in a pic on Instagram and show us your linen jumpsuit in action!


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