Mother’s Day Giveaway Competition – Special Book

We are a small, family-run business here at LinenMe, and when one of our team has a success we like to celebrate it. Which is why we are offering 5 lucky readers the chance to win a copy of our colleague Lulah Ellender’s new book, Elisabeth’s Lists: A family story. Lulah has been working on this book for the last two years and raising her four children alongside. Her book tells the story of her long-lost grandmother Elisabeth’s life through a book of lists she left behind.

Elisabeth’s Lists is a beautifully produced book, designed to look like a family photo album or vintage notebook, and would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. So, if your mother, or someone you know, is a list-maker or interested in the everyday lives of people during the most extraordinary time in history, join our giveaway for a chance to win a copy.

To be in with a chance to win a book all you need to do is leave us a comment, along with a special memory or wish connected to your mother before 11th of March. On 11th of March we will select five at random and a stunning copy of Elisabeth’s Lists will be winging its way to you.

Elisabeths Lists - Special Book
Elisabeth was a diplomat’s daughter whose childhood was spent constantly on the move, living in Persia (now Iran), Belgium, Latvia and China. She married a dashing young diplomat named Gerry in 1939 and continued this nomadic life in the Foreign Office. Elisabeth died of cancer when Lulah’s mother was only nine years old. Her story had been passed down in fragments and family legends: Elisabeth being shot in the head by Chinese bandits and Gerry gouging out the bullet with his door-key, chases down mountain passes to escape secret police, glamorous cocktail parties and dances at Buckingham Palace, Elisabeth’s struggles with depression. When Lulah’s mother gave her a hardback journal that had belonged to Elisabeth Lulah suddenly wanted to weave these stories together. Like family heirlooms, precious linens that have been passed down through generations, recipes and family rituals, the book of lists became Lulah’s connection to her grandmother.

Elisabeth - Elisabeth's lists - Mother's day gift

The journal was full of handwritten lists, spanning Elisabeth’s life between 1939-1957. It had traveled with Elisabeth to civil war-torn Madrid, wartime England, the dusty hills of Lebanon, the humid mangrove swamps of Brazil and the pomp of 1950s Paris. It contained lists of things she had to ship overseas, family Christmas presents, the eggs their chickens laid during the war, and a list of Elisabeth’s beloved brother’s belongings that she had to sort through after his suicide. Lulah was intrigued by what drove Elisabeth to keep all these lists, and she set out to reconstruct the fascinating life of this woman she never knew. As she began researching Elisabeth’s life she was told that her own mother had been diagnosed with incurable lung cancer. Her search for Elisabeth became a way to rebuild her grandmother at the same time she was losing her mother. Her book is about mothers and daughters, love and loss, home and rootlessness. And above all it is about the ties that bind us, even beyond death.

When we come together we are happier, and we place great value on the community around us, including our treasured customers of LinenMe. We want our products to help you tell your own family’s story through our linen. Whether that’s a first grown-up bedlinen set for your teenager who is leaving home, or the linen tablecloth that will be the backdrop for countless meals and gatherings, or the blankets you snuggle under with your loved ones for film night. This is a celebration of mothers, daughters, sons and families everywhere, however flawed and complicated.


Thanks so much to all of you who left such moving, interesting and poignant comments with memories of your mothers. What an amazing bunch of women, who all deserve to be celebrated today, and every day.

We have selected five lucky winners who will each receive a beautiful copy of Elisabeth’s Lists in the post. All the comments were so lovely that we have selected randomly because it was just too hard to choose. Some winners also came from our Facebook page.

So, here they are!

Sophia Tennant Hosein

Farah Elmer

Adrian Bold

Stella Noble

Susie Groom

We will be in touch with these five winners for delivery details. If you would like your copy signed by the author be sure to let us know. And if you weren’t one of the fortunate winners, you can buy the book here, here and in all major bookstores.

Wishing you all a very happy Mother’s Day, however you are spending it.


Christine Sunter 2018-03-10

I still miss my Mum – even though I’m 66!

Ruth Kromkamp 2018-03-10

My memory is my mum (who has always been the most ‘vanilla’ person) , being introduced to dance music in the 90’s when i was a teenager i.e. me playing loud music in my bedroom. I actually found my mum dancing (wiggling her hips and everything) in my room one day with a gigantic smile on her face. She denies it to this day but boy could she dance 🙂 She still wiggles slightly when i put music on to this day 🙂

Anne Jenkins 2018-03-10

My Best mom Memory was the help and love she showed me when I found myself alone, bringing up my son. She has passed now, but I am grateful I was with her when she went x

Kelly Knowles 2018-03-10

Love this, i would love to treat my mum, as the mummy to four myself now, i appreciate how hard she worked teaching us proper morals, which she did so well, she worked all hours she could to provide us with the things we needed.

Sheena Read 2018-03-10

I wish my mum had been around longer.

Stephanie 2018-03-10

My favourite memory is going on family holidays to visit different parts of the world as me and my mum both love travelling

Helga 2018-03-10

In reading lies knowledge, in knowledge lies wisdom!

Sophia Tennant Hosein 2018-03-10

I love the memory of my mum when she was ironing on a weekend. I remember walking into her bedroom and she had a loony toons shirt on, no make up, glasses on with a big smile on her face when I came in. I don’t know why but that is something I always remember. ❤️

Samantha M 2018-03-10

I can relate to this as my mum was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. We’ve always been close but it made us even closer and I quit my job to look after her. Thankfully she finished her treatment and is doing really well. My wish for her is that her cancer stays at bay and she has a long, healthy life in front of her.

Caroline Signey 2018-03-10

I have lots of special memories I always loved how well looked after I was when poorly as a child

Rula Lawrence 2018-03-10

A favourite memory is my mother helping me with my spelling homework – every time I got one right a smartie came my way.

Ann MacLean-Fleming 2018-03-10

I have this memory of my Mum teaching me to ride my bike…giving me lots of tips, encouraging me, making me get back on when I fell off and then being so thrilled and proud when I finally did it. It was only later I realised she had never been on a bike in her life and is the only person I know who can even fall off an exercise bike!

Farah Elmer 2018-03-10

My favourite memory is the day when my mum went from my foster mum to become my mummy. She called me asking her to help her with something & I answered yes mummy without thinking as it was a reply from my heart not my head! It moved her to tears.


My favourite memory of my mum is her wonderful bedtime stories with loads of different voices


coming home from school and the smell of baking can still smell the smell to this day

sandra maguire 2018-03-10

One of my special memories is of my mum rushing to pick me up after school on a day when the weather had suddenly turned really bad. She wasnt often able to pick me up as she would be working in the afternoon but she had rushed back to pick up my coat and bring it for me as I had left it at home that day. She was soaked to the skin and her actions made me realise how much I should appreciate her.

Kyomi Johnson 2018-03-10

My best mum memory is probably when I was 4 years old I was in hospital having chemotherapy treatment and my mum never left my side she was always there I’m now 26 and currently going through chemotherapy treatment again with no end date but my mum has been there every step of the way

Paula Barker 2018-03-10

My mum loved The lead up the Christmas, we had so many traditions that she initiated over the years, and which I have carried on with my family, how I would love to spend one more Christmas with my mum.

janine atkin 2018-03-10

my mum helped me out alot when i moved into my first flat. she made sure i knew how to pay bills and got me alot of the basics, like cups plates etc!

Tina Downs 2018-03-10

My nan was an awesome lady and ‘mum’ role model. She’d had a very difficult life but always believed that a happy life was made from wanting what you have and not having what you want – a mantra I still try to live by.

Joanna Phillimore 2018-03-09

I am so lucky to have the Mum I have. She is beautiful inside and out.

Yvonne Dimbleby 2018-03-09

I wish my Mum was still here, nearly 24 years since she passed away and I still miss her every day.

paula cheadle 2018-03-09

my Mum’s 70th birthday, we hired a limo and took her out for lunch, she had always wanted to ride in a limo. The limo driver took us for a ride for about 2 hours after our lunch, she enjoyed every moment of it

Danielle Pearce 2018-03-09

My best memories of my Mum was when I was young and at my first school, she would pick me up in her car and we would sing songs and do the actions of her favourite Carpenters songs. I miss her so much xxxx

Emma Middleton 2018-03-09

My mum has been my rock these past 6 months since I had my baby boy, she always goes out of her way to make sure everyone in the family is happy and healthy and living life to the fullest

Sue Merrills 2018-03-09

A cannot put down book!!
Mum memory- Always being there when I needed a shoulder!!

Elizabeth Cooke 2018-03-09

My mum was hilarious at my wedding, we danced, we laughed, and she did a speech that couldn’t be more memorable. She made my special day even more special by her presence.

Lucia 2018-03-09

That should be a wonderful book, spanning generations of love and feelings. I would be really curious to read it.
During the 50s, my mum was traveling from Italy to Swisserland for working as a dressmaker.
She came back to Italy to grow me up in a small valley between the Dolomites. When I was really joung, she was used to dress me as a doll: with ribbons, little flowers and many tassels everywhere. Satisfied and coincided, I used to smile and run through the mountain flowers of the wonderful Dolomites.

lee 2018-03-09

the thing I love about my mum is she is always there for me and my brothers

Tina clegg 2018-03-09

Mums are so special, My life changed so much when she passed,
But so may happy memories saying she didn’t like garlic, but loved garlic bread, ordinary stuff. Bet this is a great read

jo liddement 2018-03-09

My favourite memory of mum was coming back home from school and finding her sitting at her sewing machine making dresses for my sister and myself . I now love crafts and working with textiles.

Gillian Mills 2018-03-09

Looks like a page turner

Karl Pollard-Ward 2018-03-08

Sounds like a nice book !
The memory of my mother is her picking me up from school, sitting in her Land Rover with the horses head sticker on each side … Smoking a pipe.

She was one in a million and all ways will xx

lisa finlayson 2018-03-08


Richard Tyler 2018-03-08

My mum having 1 too many baileys at Christmas 1 year & locking herself in the bathroom lol

Sarah Austin 2018-03-08

Great competition! Thank you 🙂

My best memory is going for an afternoon tea with my mum in London!

mike 2018-03-08

my best ‘mom’ memory was when my mum helped get my bike back when I was very young age a bully stole it. I’ve never been so embarrassed and proud in my life!

Dale Dow 2018-03-08

A special memory is coming out of school to see the Lollipop Lady, My Mum standing there helping the children to cross the road, once she was finished we would sing skip to my Lou all the way home

Emma chapman 2018-03-08

My best mom memory was day after being bullied she told me to be proud of the colour of my skin she told me not to hide to be proud of myself and no matter what follow my dreams as she will follow me every step of the way

Michelle Bruce 2018-03-07

My favourite memory is of my daughter calling up my mum the day my son was born. He was very early and very quick. It was a delightful phone call to listen into.

Rebecca Howells (@Regrash7) 2018-03-07

Learning to bake and cook with my mum and nan. Fun times!

Caron Twyman 2018-03-07

I have lots of memories of my dear mum. The best times were before I started school and my mum was a farm worker. We’d spend the whole day together, in the hot summer, picking fruit. She was my world. Then I had to start school…

Carrie Talbot-Ashby 2018-03-06

My Mum is in her mid sixties and has been a Nurse now over 44 years, the amount of journals she has kept is staggering, I love that she has kept so many memories alive for her family. This book sounds like one after my own heart, and I would really relish a read of it. Thanks for the giveaway. xx

Judith Hamilton 2018-03-06

My mother came to England alone at 16 to escape Hitler’s regime. Luckily my grandmother followed on a year later. She married young and I was born 9 months later and I have still never seen such a happy couple. Sadly my wonderful father died at only 49 and I then also discovered that my mother had been diagnosed with MS. After I married she came to live with us for the last years of her life and got to know her two granddaughters. Her bravery is an unforgettable memory.

My daughter Angeline is an inveterate list maker (as am I) and I think we would both love to read this book and then maybe recommend it to her sister Abigail who now lives in America.

Adrian Bold 2018-03-06

My Mums been through such a lot in these last few years. But even during some of her harder times, she’s always been there to support me through my own highs and lows.

She would absolutely adore this prize!

SHIRLEY EVANS 2018-03-06

My Mother was Great fun,and always liked a bargain.So much so that.One year she bought Christmas presents in May and put them in the loft.She duly forgot them at Christmas,so the following year when she found them.She turned it into a big toy day.We loved it.Mine was a Bride doll.

Anne Wilmot 2018-03-06

My late mother was widowed at the age of 46 but no matter what hardship she faced (and they were many) we were always well fed and immaculately turned out. My abiding memory of her is sitting at the kitchen table making out her “budget” for the week. I still have some of those lists.

laura stewart 2018-03-06

fingers crossed x

Carole Nott 2018-03-06

Lovely prize – sounds like a great read.
Mums are so special and should be pampered especially on mothers day

Elizabeth Smith 2018-03-06

I remember my mum coming to pick me up from school and asking me to guess what good thing was awaiting me at home, I guessed Sooty and Sweep was on TV but it was actually that she had sent my Sindy doll away to be repaired and it had come back in pristine condition

Joanna Orr 2018-03-06

This sounds a really fascinating book!
A few years ago my Dad uncovered some diaries my mum had kept – none of had any idea she’d made them. They cover the end of WWII in 1945 until 1951 when she was a teenager. We’ve laughed and cried over them, and have had an insight into what life was like growing up in the 1940’s and rationing.

Sheena Batey 2018-03-06

I remember my mum skipping home with us singing Let’s go fly a kite after we had been to see the film Mary Poppins

Paul Rushworth 2018-03-06

Nice prize

Helen 2018-03-06


Carly Harper 2018-03-06

My mum is not just my mum but my best friend. She is so kind and loving. She always gives others her all and puts herself out for everyone else and never complians. My dad passed away suddenly when i was 12 and my mum managed to carry on and got us both through the hard time. All the local children call her Nanny:) she struggled to concìeve with me and after 10 years trying finally had a child, me:) my graduation was a really proud day for both of us. Nearly as proud as the day she became a nanny 🙂 she taught me everything i know including how to be a parent myself. Shes litrally my rock, my bestfriend and my world:) I love her beyond words <3

Tatyana Allenby 2018-03-05

This came to my inbox in time that couldn’t be more right.
I would like to win this book for my friend, who is an incredible women that writes non-ending list in her notebooks. Even in our digital age she does it on paper all the time, everywhere. She even wakes up at night at makes a list of things she might need to remember to do the next day!
She has just lost her husband last week to the lung cancer (it happened so fast, in just 5 months, he was so young, just turned 50) and is left with 2 young kids in the new country. She has been writing lists about funeral arrangements, kids organising, house arrangements for last week. It keeps her mind as clear as it can in the situation that she has found herself. This book, in my opinion, would be a perfect companion for her in this horrid time!
Thank you very much
Best wishes to everyone.

Andrew Rodwell 2018-03-05

Thank you mother for treating me to a supersonic Bay of Biscay Air France Concorde flight when I was 14 in 1989. I have happy memories of growing up in the 1980s.

Aman Garg 2018-03-05

My mother is the person who I love the most in this world.
She is the best cook in this world.
I would love to win a copy of this book, and Happy Mothers day Mom!

Karen Walder 2018-03-05

My best memory of my late mother was when she was looking after me in the labour ward when i was having my first son…..she was a midwife. I would love to read this book!

Katie Russell 2018-03-05

My mum is special to me in lots of ways,helping me to become independent and making me to be the best daughter I can be,I would love to win a copy of this book,thanks and Happy Mothers day Mum!

K Cameron 2018-03-05

Linenme has popped into my inbox regularly. At special times I have ordered beautiful pieces that have made family and friends feel good and cared for as they received them. Pillowcases when we left London for Wiltshire. Duvet covers when we moved to Norway. Now to Vancouver it’s time for a gift for my mother Elizabeth- who lives in France. She continues to support me into her 70’s and we shall meet up in Wiltshire this month to find furniture and linen for the new house. I will add this book to my list x

Janet Birkin 2018-03-05

This looks really interesting – I’m nearly obsessed with family history and have lots and lots of lists

Nikolee 2018-03-05

My mother lives so far away – literally on the other side of the world from me. I just managed to visit her for the first time in 3 years to celebrate her 85the birthday. She is the most special person in the world to me. I would be honored and thrilled to be able to send this book to her – or better even, take it in person. One special thing my mother gave me is a beautiful white damask tablecloth that belonged to her mother.

helena denton 2018-03-05

this sounds lovely I too wrote a small book on my childhood would love to win this

Michele 2018-03-05

What an eventful life in a small book, the strength our

mothers had was incredible

My best mother’s memory is one of my favorite cakes

recipe written for one of my daughter’s 4th birthday,

followed by a list of “in case”, as she knew I did not like

cooking. I was in the UK, she was in France

Sharon 2018-03-05

I would love to read this book which appeals to me partly because I am an avid list maker and am often extolling the virtues of this occupation which I find focuses the mind, but also because it reminds me of my lovely Grandmother who was absent minded and would have benefitted from making lists and my dear much missed Mother who herself never missed an opportunity to tell me how lucky she felt to have a daughter.

Angella Willis 2018-03-05

Lots of great memories of my late mum but probably my fondest are the times we spent together in the kitchen singing whilst she cooked a meal. I thought we had lovely singing voices!

Maria Eustáquia Soares Godoy 2018-03-05


My best memory of my mother is the Christmas because she always said that no wanted gifts, but
when me and my broters arrived at your home for
Christmas lunch, she always looking for by gifts in
ours hands.

Jenn 2018-03-05

This sounds like a beautiful story! I love that era! I inherited my habit of list-making from my mother.


I love the comments about how she taveled a lot when she was a child, I know how that is, my father was a military man and we moved a lot when I was a child too, until we were able to settle down when I was 14, because my father got ill, but survuived his illness.
My mother too made lists to keep everything tidy and I have inherit the art of list making from her.

Nikki 2018-03-05

Ordered some linen cushion covers and they were delivered within a week. Beautifully made and gorgeous high quality linen – have ordered more! Wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

linenme 2018-03-05

Thank you Nikki! Hope your Mother will love them!

nikki 2018-03-05

this sounds like a lovely read
my best ‘mom’ memory – is when she arrange a ‘sweet 16’ party for me in marina del rey- at a fun restaurant with all my girlfriends

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