New Bright and Gorgeous Colors of Our Summer Linen Scarves!

As our summer linen scarves Garza were a huge hit last summer, this season we’ve added some more gorgeous colors! Meet nougat, rustrainforest green, teal and cranberry red!

Rust linen scarf - LinenMe

Made from pure linen fabric these scarves are for fashionable beauty queens, who survive summer heat with a stylish elegant scarf draped around her shoulders. Linen scarves from LinenMe are extremely lightweight and let the air through easily, so you do not get all stuffy when it’s hot. From pure white to red and aubergine, we’ve got a linen scarf for every seasonal occasion!

Lightweight, soft and naturally crumpled – Garza scarves are a real pleasure to one’s skin. Plain shades allow them to be matched almost to any outfit – from classic dress to beach skirt.

Grey linen scarf - LinenMe

Here are some ideas how to use your linen scarf as they are highly multifunctional.

* Wrap your scarf around your neck – add a final touch to your outfit.
* Wrap it around your shoulders – add some warmth and coziness during cool summer nights.
* Use it on the beach – as a beach skirt – just wrap it around your hips.
* Let your scarf serve you as a bandanna instead of a hat.
* Have you had an unexpected swim (or your child did? :))? Absorb the moisture with your scarf. It will get dry again instantly.
* Care for a nap in the park? Spread your linen scarf on the grass.
* Do you have a small baby? Carry one of your scarves all the time as they are so useful – you can cover your baby when she is sleeping, make a shield against the sun or wind, spread in a pram for extra comfort, wrap around her body if the jacket was lost or forgotten at home!

Rain forest green linen scarf - LinenMe

But the most important thing is to wear your Garza linen scarf of your favorite color when you want to feel feminine, elegant and a touch of character to your attire is needed.

As you can imagine, the scarves of light and bright colors are most suitable for summer and spring while darker colors, such as nougat, grey or aubergine can be worn during cooler months as well, as they provide enough warmth to keep you in comfort.

Linen scarves go well with linen clothes, of course 🙂 So please check our collection of linen clothes and maybe choose one for you!

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