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August 18, 2017

We are going to let you in on a little secret. We have a bit of a thing about an apron. Not just any apron (especially not the fake-abs style some men get out every time there's a BBQ), but the linen apron.

There's something about the combination of easy functionality and seeming ready for work that just feels good. For thousands of years people have worn aprons: to protect their clothing, or perform rituals. In Medieval times aprons were worn by men and women, and were essential in times when people did not have an extensive wardrobe. Frequent washing of clothes was unusual and time-consuming, so aprons performed a valuable protective function. Throughout the 16th and 17th Centuries aprons were worn by professional tradespeople. By the 19th Century the upper classes were wearing aprons as a fashionable addition to their wardrobe. Later, in the mid 20th Century, aprons came to symbolise cosy domestication, to be worn by happy housewives serving up homely food. Now, aprons are worn for all sorts of reasons - practical, aesthetic, for retro-appeal and to express our personality.

Our collection of linen aprons offers a range of styles so you can pick the perfect one for you. We know how messy things can get in the busyness of everyday life, so we have designed these easy-to-wear, stylish and simple aprons to keep your clothes clean. And to bring you some relaxed comfort as you work. You may well want to wear yours every day, for everything. These aprons are hardwearing and get better with every wash.

As you will see, we've got something for everyone.

For the Japanese-style lover: the linen cross back apron

Inspired by traditional Japanese cross back aprons, our linen version can be thrown on in the morning, and worn throughout the day. Whether you are weeding the garden, kneading bread dough or re-grouting your tiles, this apron has you covered.

cross back linen apron LinenMe

For the cook: the linen chef's apron

Our super cute linen bib aprons are perfect for preparing and serving delicious, home cooked meals. You can wipe your hands on them, dust a chopping board with the hem, fling your recipe into a roomy pocket and whip it off at the last minute. Or not.

linen chefs apron LinenMe

For the busy artisan: the linen bib apron

Painter, carpenter, jeweller, potter - whatever your craft, protect your clothes with one of these beauties. In a choice of 10 colours and cut from soft, relaxed linen, this linen apron will be your newest tool.

linen bib apron LinenMe

For the summer: the cafe linen apron

In warmer weather you might want something shorter to cover up your summer dress or shorts. This sweet apron is cut to be cool and breezy. Perfect for preparing a tasty summer picnic, or podding broad beans on your doorstep.

summer linen cafe apron LinenMe

Can you see why we love a linen apron? Home doesn't feel like home without one.

For more on summer essentials go here, and for ideas on enjoying quiet moments with your loved ones at home, go here.



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You could browse the selectionof aprons we have here.



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Do you have a teal green apron for men?

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