It’s All About the Red: How to decorate with the next season’s hot colour

If you’re planning on adding some colour to your home interior and aren’t sure where to start, here’s an edit of some of our beautiful products in one of the hottest (literally) colours for Autumn/Winter ’17: red.

Red is traditionally associated with passion, energy, warmth, vibrancy and sensitivity. In Japanese, Indian and Nepali cultures it is believed to bring good luck in marriage, so choosing a gift that incorporates this versatile colour will give meaning as well as materiality. Shades include brick, tomato, wine, grenadine, scarlet, fire, maroon and berry. In Fall, red is everywhere in Nature: the fiery reds of falling leaves, the late-ripening raspberries, crunchy apples, the rich jewel reds of dahlias and ruby rudbeckias. But red can also feel fresh, breezy and summery. It’s all in the tone.

red apple fall

Some reds have a yellow base (brick and tomato shades), whilst others have a blue base (berry and wine shades). This can help when working out how to style a red product in your home, as it’s a good idea to stick to similar base tones. Play around with what you already have in your home and see what would work alongside a new pop of red.

It’s a strong colour, so best used sparingly in interior decoration. Our pure linen homewares come in a huge range of colours and patterns, meaning you can add the perfect accent of red without having to commit to bold colours throughout. From table linens to linen scarves, our products encompass the richness of this sumptuous colour.

1.Duvet cover in Jazz Red

Red Linen Duvet

Our Jazz Red duvet cover (and pillow cases) uses red as the main colour but breaks it up with a neutral stripe. This gives it a softer look, and makes it perfect for pairing with any of our neutral bedlinen or cushion covers. It will add warmth and cosiness to the bedroom – just where you want it.

2.Linen table runner in Jazz Red

Red linen table runner

In the same colour collection, our linen table runner in Jazz Red adds brightness to your table, without dominating things. Ideal for summer as well as autumn and winter, this runner has a vintage feel and works brilliantly with white or off-white crockery.

3.Linen scarf in Rust

red linen scarf

A good scarf will be a trusty companion on many an adventure, from the everyday dash to work, to a cool vacation evening. Our pure linen scarves are perfect for adding some colour to an outfit, whilst keeping things pared back and simple. Red worn around the neck also brightens the complexion. You can choose a scarf with or without fringing, depending on your taste.

4.Red linen pillow case and cushion cover

red linen cushion covers

For an easy way to give a nod to this season’s colour trend, whilst keeping the look timeless, our linen pillow cases and cushion covers are perfect. In a range of striped or plain colourways, you can mix and match with other bold colours, or stick to a red palette. We love the way these three work together, without being overwhelming. Bright, but not too bright. Just right.

5.Linen tea towels in Red stripe

red linen tea towels

Inspired by the classic vintage linens of our grandmothers’ kitchens, our linen tea towels in a subtle red stripe will add a charming splash of red to your kitchen. To see a picture of these in action, check out this blog post, which shows how the yellow tones of sunflowers and apricots can bring these linens to life.

We say bring on the reds!

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