New LinenMe Collection 2009: Rhomb Table Linen

It seems that this autumn at LinenMe is all about shapes and geometric lines, as we proudly present the most recent addition to our range of luxurious table linen. The newest Rhomb Collection gives all attention to the subtle shape of this geometric form and celebrates high quality Lithuanian craftsmanship.

Let’s have a closer look.

rhomb weave - LinenMe

All table linen products in Rhomb Collection are produced from pure European linen fabric in a stunning weave. In geometry, a rhombus or a rhomb has four sides of the same length, and is also called a diamond.

The weave has fine lines of tiny rhombuses and looks both delicate and chic. With such a beautiful pattern, who needs further embellishments? This is why we decided against any other decorative finishes and only used mitered corners technique for finishing the edges.

Luxurious handmade items from Rhomb Collection are currently available in three different colours: white, black and wheat. When we say ‘white’, it is slightly off-white, but with the weave showing beautifully. And when we say ‘black’ the fabric is not actually pitch black; the weave beautifully incorporates black pattern into white background. The same goes for the ‘wheat’ shade.

As you can see in the pictures, we designed the whole collection with an easy option of mixing and matching items in various shades. We believe that if you get a white Rhomb linen tablecloth, it should look beautiful with either white, black or wheat napkins from the same range.

rhomb wheat linen - LinenMe

For those who love to explore linen products in natural home settings, we’ve created a range of table decorating ideas using crockery, cutlery and decorative items that are in rather usual designs and therefore not difficult to come across in any home.

White Rhomb table linen has a very strong classic feel to it. Pure white linen tablecloths have been the most preferred option in formal table dressings for centuries. And yet this stunning slightly off-white tablecloth (as well as white napkins and table runners) blends conventional and modern. The pattern is so subtle it will never stand out as inappropriate, and will only attract appreciation from your guests.

rhomb white runner - LinenMe

Table runners are unique in the sense that they uplift your dining table but do not look too formal and can also be used during a light lunch, or a relaxed dinner. They also help when you have a beautiful wood dining table and do not wish to hide it completely under the layer of tablecloth. Wheat table linens from Rhomb Collection will complement the natural grain and colours of the wood.

Tableware in white, cream or in fact any natural colour (brown, beige, terracotta, green etc.) will look absolutely stunning with table linen in any of the three colours (black, wheat and white). Our textile designer Inga Lukauskiene has used decorative items (vases, candle holders, candles, flowers etc,) in a wide range of colours such as blue, white, cream, champagne, lilac, grey, black and they all seemed to compliment the whole table setting beautifully. Of course, some biscuits and cakes also helped the matter!

Products currently available in Rhomb Collection:

Linen Napkin in Off White
Linen Napkin in Wheat
Linen Napkins in Black

Table runners
Linen Table Runner Off White
Linen Table Runner Black
Linen Table Runner Wheat

Linen Tablecloth Off White

This is just the beginning of a new exciting season for LinenMe. We will be introducing more new products and collections in the next couple of months, so feel free to check back with us again soon!

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