Some ideas for your Thanksgiving table decoration

Thanksgiving holidays are the most cherished ones. It’s time for family and friends to get together and have a great time and fun. And for the host it’s also a challenge – how to make everything just perfect, memorable and very special.

The main question is about the meal time, of course. What meals to prepare, what table décor to choose, how to create coziness? We all know – an important key to a good meal is dining table ambiance, so let’s talk about this.

Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Making your Thanksgiving table beautiful and memorable doesn’t have to be difficult.

First of all, think of the overall mood. Let your table reflect the warm colors of the season – create rich, autumnal decorations. Use quality table linen of vibrant colors, add some vintage dishes, warm colored glasses and dessert plates, place many beeswax candles and you get an ultra-stylish Thanksgiving table.
Here is how the Thanksgiving table is seen by Stephen Saint-Onge at They used our linen tablecloth Provance, linen towels Provance and linen napkins Jazz.

Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Here are some key moments to have in mind.
• Make a centerpiece of a table: use fresh fall flowers arranged in a vase, add many autumn colored candles, some fall foliage, clusters of berries, tiny pumpkins or even seasonal vegetables.
• Set the table with lots of table textile – cover with a linen tablecloth, use runners, placemats and napkins. Cloth items create coziness, add warmth and induce relaxed atmosphere. Fall colors will do the best. White tablecloth is the all-times classic. Make your choice.
• You can use metal or linen napkin rings or you can fold your napkins into shapes instead of just laying them flat.
• If you choose autumn colors for your table, you might want to choose your dishware in white or some neutral pastel color.
• Should you choose leaves and fall flowers as your main theme, consider using a dark colored tablecloth – it will set off the color of leaves beautifully.
• Use lighter color napkins, roll them or fold beautifully, add a small golden leaf or a bright bloom to each of them.
• Remember – candles are never too many! You can add some richness to your table by using gold colored candlesticks or candles. Or just place lots of candles of the color that matches the décor. Actually, put them everywhere in the room – and do not forget to light them.

Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Tidy welcoming house, nice table décor, tasty meals are all important, but the most important thing for the gathering of family and friends to be very special is the host that is well rested, relaxed, caring and smiling! So, do not forget to take care of yourself – have a good rest and smile all the time!

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