The Best Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom With Linen

Unfortunately, most of the bedrooms that we see are dull, simple and don’t look extraordinary at all. But what about the ones that we see in those expensive interior design magazines, the ones that look like could not sleep on that bed because it is simply too pretty? Probably everyone would enjoy having a bedroom that looks like that. The wide selection of modern yet still classy LinenMe bed linen will help you put your ideas into practice and make your bedroom look just like the ones in magazines. Decorate your bedroom with LinenMe can be lots of fun.

Decorating your home can be challenging and frustrating, but don’t be disposed that it is going to be excruciating.

linen bed sets - LinenMe

Sometimes bed throws are not a must. Decorating your bed with striped white and blue or simple but yet pretty navy blue and white linen bed sets from LinenMe Jazz collection can be all that it takes to make your room look like it has that little touch of classic.

Lara Celery Cushion covers - LinenMe

Cushions are a great way of making your bed look more complete and not that empty. Cream colored striped cushions will definitely make your bed look more royal by giving it a touch of antique. Putting down a few pillows with celery colored pillow cases from Lara collection will bring life to your bed and the whole room.

If you are a fan of throws and blankets you can surely decorate your bed by simply disorderly dropping down a cream colored Alpaca wool throw. Coziness and warmth guaranteed.

Neutral colors always look great with a single bright accent. Since you cannot go wrong with blankets, a French blue merino wool throw would be a great choice to brighten up the color palette in the room.

Remember – small things can make huge differences. By simply adding some napkins to your bed tables or a round carpet you can make your bedroom look like the ones in the magazines.


lisa 2016-02-27

hi how much are the linen sheets? I would be interested in king and full size. Please and thank you…

linenme 2016-09-16

Hi Lisa,

Our stone washed linen king size sheet is £119.99.
You can take a look here:


Linen Addict 2015-02-02

Interesting read. I don’t have a linen bedroom (yet) but once I was staying at a hotel which was all linen: bed linen, towels, curtains, etc. It felt amazing. Gonna try something like that in my country side villa.

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