Valentine’s Day gift ideas: from luxury linen to cozy wool throws

It seems just a few weeks ago we all had to choose Christmas gifts for our loved ones, and here’s another dilemma – what shall I get for my sweetheart as a Valentine’s Day gift?

We’ve all done jewellery, perfume, beautifully-shaped chocolate boxes and vouchers for trendy hair makeovers, but once in a while everyone wonders if there are any other ways to show your love and attention.

Even though almost every LinenMe item can be a much-appreciated gift, we decided to make things easier this year and give you some Valentine gift ideas and hints arranged into several groups. And no, we haven’t forgotten about the bright red colour!

Valentine gifts

If your girlfriend loves accessories, or if she is into textiles and hand-made decorative items, these pure linen roses are just what you should consider getting – they are versatile and can be used as a brooch, can be pinned to a handbag or even used to decorate a festive table setting. Roses are available in many colours, but rich brick colour, beautiful white and natural-looking wheat shade will be the most suitable for the occasion of Valentine’s.

If the rose isn’t enough, you may wish to consider getting another stunning accessory – a gorgeous silk and wool scarf Genny, available in luxurious orange shade. If you are looking for a light, nearly see-through garment instead, it will be hard to resist the beauty of this white knitted Felicia scarf. The scarves make great accessories, are wearable throughout many seasons and can even be used as a shawl to complete the evening outfit.

Valentine day gifts

Who said that kitchen or bathroom items can’t be gifts?! As long as they are stylish, pretty and practical at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with giving a gift that can be handy at home.

Why not bake a lovely cake and let it cool on a beautiful brand new tea towel? While we are not experts in baking and cannot suggest any good cake recipes, we can surely provide the tea towels! LinenMe offers three designs, all made of linen and cotton blend, and decorated with either subtle stripes, lovely blue and red checks or delicate patterns. If the cake is what you decide to go for, why not serve it in a cute little linen basket with a jazzy red stripe border? And always remember, it’s the thought that counts.

LinenMe also offers a special gift set of bathroom accessories, which includes a linen basket, terry back scrubber, a glove and a body pad. Pure linen huckaback towel could be a great addition to this gift set.

Home interior items, especially soft furnishings such as cushions and throws, always make great gifts. Valentine’s Day is all about reds, and we offer quite a few items in this colour. This luxurious linen bed set in red stripe will look stunning in any bedroom, whether traditional or modern. Sleeping in pure linen is healthy for your skin, feels soft and lovely, and the feel gets even better the more you wash it.

Another great gift could be a pair of cushions – they easily transform the living space adding a splash of vibrant colour, they look stylish and feel soft to the touch. LinenMe offers two designs of cushion covers – red stripe from Jazz collection and Bordeaux red from Emilia collection.

Valentine day gifts

It’s rather popular to celebrate Valentine’s Day while sharing a lovely meal for two. If you attempt to be a chef for the night, why not make the occasion even more special by decorating the table setting with some new luxurious linen? To start with, you would need a tablecloth. If you think pure white would look too formal for the occasion of Valentine’s Day dinner, why not go for slightly off-white?

Decorate your special dinner table with these Bordeaux linen runners and napkins from LinenMe Emilia collection, or – if you want to make a little bit of a style statement – opt for trendy stripe design of linen napkins and runners from Jazz collection.

Handmade items make great gifts, and if you are looking for a gift for your special Valentine who adores handmade vintage-style items, pick a set of Felicia napkins with a subtle hand-crocheted border details.

LinenMe also offers a FREE gift wrapping service – all you would need to do is ask during the checkout process.

Pure high quality linen is a very special gift to receive, and a pleasure to own. And it’s probably one of the best ways to say ‘Happy Valentine‘s Day!’

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