Where Do You Go For Inspiration?

This week we’ve been thinking about inspiration. Coming up with new designs, spotting future trends, working out new colour combinations and shades, playing with texture and pattern – these are the fun parts of a designer’s job. But where does Inga, the creative force behind LinenMe, get her inspiration and ideas from?

Here’s a glimpse at where she goes to get the creative juices flowing. Over to Inga:

Travelling overseas

france photoshoot inspiration

My job involves a lot of travel, and I always find inspiration from being in different places. I attend regular trade shows across the world, and the energy of a new city sparks my imagination. We also do photoshoots in various locations – a recent favourite was a shoot in a gorgeous old villa in the South of France. There was so much to soak up, from the local food, the fresh produce, the warm sun and the character of the building itself. Our linens fitted so perfectly with this location. Whether I’m on a business trip or a vacation with my family I’m always on the look out for new textures, colours, styles and designs that I can incorporate into our linen textiles.

Meeting people

linen textile designer

I also find meeting lots of people in the design and homewares world a great source of creative inspiration. I love talking about design and seeing how other people are styling or developing their products. Coming from a family whose history is intertwined with linen fabric, I can instantly see how these connections and ideas could be worked into this beautiful material.


Magazines are a really important resource for my work, and a lovely way to lose myself in the world of design. There are some magazines I turn to again and again for stunning images, interesting features and a sense of what’s new or upcoming.

Milk is a beautiful magazine with articles and photography on interiors and children’s clothing. For a more design-focused read I love Design Anthology, an Asia-based magazine which has architectural features as well as news from the worlds of art, travel, design and interiors. If you’re a bit of a foodie then check out Ambrosia magazine. It’s packed full of culinary stories from across the globe, and the photography is exquisite. As a regular traveller I love diving into Suitcase magazine for some holiday inspiration, as well as interesting features on all things international. UK-based independent interiors 91 magazine never fails to spark ideas with its covetable yet achievable interiors shots.

Whilst I love keeping up to date with current trends I don’t believe in the idea of fast fashion. I’m looking for designs that will last, that keep on looking great year after year, and that don’t follow fickle fashion fads.

Online platforms

Instagram and Pinterest are wonderful places to scour for inspiration and ideas. I often make mood boards and love the highly visual format of these platforms. When you create something and share an image of it, that can be a real buzz too – seeing how people respond to a design and how they can imagine living with it in their homes or wardrobes. You do have to keep a check on the amount of time spent browsing through these sites as it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole and forget what it was you were researching in the first place. I try to make sure I take time away from screens so that I can keep things balanced.

To read more about Inga’s work and how we make our supersoft, sumptuous linen homewares, go here.

What about you? Where do you go when you need some creative inspiration, or just to escape everyday life for a bit?

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