Why Buy LinenMe

Buying luxurious linen online can be a stressful experience. For some buying a textile item without touching it is incomprehensible! We at LinenMe try to do our best to ensure your shopping experience is pleasant, stress-free and doesn’t break the bank.

Here’s a list of things we do to make our linens available and affordable to any taste, style and – most importantly – budget.

LinenMe does not hire any external designers to design our luxurious linens. Inspired by the suggestions and ideas from LinenMe customers, our talented and experienced designer Inga Lukauskiene creates stunning home accessories, selects colours, textures and shapes for forthcoming collections, as well as ensures the highest possible standard of the final product.

As it happens too often, the final cost of linen includes a hefty cut going to the designer, but having our own designer helps luxury linen stay affordable and available to a wider range of clients. If you love natural linen, there are affordable options to suit any wallet and taste.

Inga Lukauskiene, who is also the owner of LinenMe online store, has recently graduated from London’s KLC School of Design. She is a passionate linen expert, focused on designing unique soft furnishings from pure linen fabrics. Working closely with the manufacturing team based in Lithuania, her inspirations and ideas turn into luxurious linen bedding and tablecloths virtually overnight. As a young designer, she’s happy to be able to bring her creations to fruition within a short period of time.

LinenMe not only sells a range of luxury linen; we also offer home decorating ideas based on our products, showing how you can mix and match different shapes, textures and patterns.

Linen production is a cherished family tradition, with some members of Inga’s family having worked in the industry for over 30 years. The manufacturing unit where all LinenMe products are hand-made is owned by the family which takes great pride in keeping old linen production traditions alive.

‘We know the standards and we know what a high quality linen item should look like,’ says Inga Lukauskiene. ‘Over years I have seen some appalling samples of poor quality linen being sold at shops. Some of it gets deformed once you wash it, some of it doesn’t absorb the moisture as it should, and some is so poorly finished that it doesn’t make any good to the linen industry in general.’

Another advantage we have is the close proximity of our manufacturing unit in Lithuania. We have the flexibility that helps us to provide the best possible service at a fraction of the cost. If you love green table runners, but can only find white or natural shades on LinenMe website, get in touch with us.

LinenMe offers bespoke design service, whether you need custom-made curtains or monogrammed linen bedding. We are able to deliver custom-made linen designs promptly and hassle-free, meeting even the toughest deadlines.

Standard sizes of linen bedding, tablecloths or towels differ from country to country. LinenMe can design and produce items of various sizes and specifications to suit any requirements.

At LinenMe we encourage our customers to design their home environment themselves, giving us ideas of what they want and letting us fulfil their expectations. After all, luxurious linen can be purchased for less than you expected, and it can indeed be affordable.

Lithuania, where our linen is produced, is a member country of European Union. We guarantee that no child labour or worker exploitation takes place at our manufacturing unit, adhering to EU standards and regulations.

We keep the packaging to a minimum.

LinenMe does not design throw-away linens. As linen manufacturers often say, linen is a very ‘energetic’ fabric because flax, which linen is produced from, can only be sown into the same plot once every seven years. Flax plants seem to suck all the essential nutrients out of the soil, which results in linen being sturdy, extremely durable and less prone to tearing. Choosing pure linen towels, bedding, accessories and tablecloths, the buyer makes a long time investment, saving quite a bit of money rather than buying products that wear and tear easier and quicker.

We design long-lasting luxurious yet affordable linen, which if taken care of will decorate your living space and be both practical and stylish for years to come. We aim to design universal items, that don’t go out of fashion immediately.

At LinenMe we are very proud of the craftsmanship and skills that our production team has acquired over years. Lithuanian linen products have been winning the hearts of linen lovers all over the world for decades. Our linen production team has plenty of experience, with fantastic hand-embroidery, hemstitching and crocheting skills.

We make sure we do not compromise on quality. We use carefully-selected sources of flax, we do not cut corners, and we appreciate the craftsmanship of our staff. We would not call a napkin luxurious if we knew it wasn’t! It’s our family business.