Winners of April “Huckaback Revolution” Competition

We are glad you showed lot of interest in our April “Huckaback Revolution” and we are even more than happy to delight 33 of you with beautiful huckaback prizes!

We know that 9 out of 10 customers, who tried our huckaback towels don’t want to come back to cotton ones. The reasons  for that are very simple: they are gorgeous, functional and addictive! Oh and one more reason they are very light, so the best for going to a beach.

Linen Towels - LinenMe

So… The 33 lucky winners of Huckaback Revolution are:

3 winners  to choose huckaback towel of your choice from :
Catherine Warburton
Philip Darling
Denise Cross

30 winners of 50% off to try our huckaback linen towels from are:
Gracelaw Simmons
Kirsty Fox
Seamus Quinn
Alice Gordon
Kirsty Norton
Kieran Walsh
Maria Taylor
Pauline Leanage
Paul Comp
Marion Johnstone
Josephine Irons
Georg Ball
James Kelly
JoJo Young
Maureen Findley
Tim Ford
Chez Brady
Caroline Hird
Gary Wilson
Shirley Giles
Di Dilly
Janice Papworth
Elizabeth Smith
Yvonne Crook
Zita Gillis
Kristy Leanne Brown
Rachel Humphries
Jo Orr
Paula Phillips
Laura Jeffs

All winners please contact us on [email protected] to collect your prize. If you didn’t win this month, please try in our next competition or join Huckaback Revolution.

See you at my shop!


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