LinenMe product of the month: pure wool throws

Even though we at LinenMe tend to focus on high quality pure linen products, there comes a time when new fascinating items get added to our assortment that are made using other natural fibres, and this time it’s wool throws.

The country has had a very cold winter this year, and it was only a matter of time before our online shop had a new section added to it, called Throws & Blankets. As I am sitting down to write a little introduction to our wool throws, I have a lovely Blue Gothic throw warming up my lap. Can’t complain – it’s very warm!

Burbuole wool throws

LinenMe offers several types of wool throws, and possibly one of the most popular is the Burbuole range (‘Burbuole’ is a Lithuanian word for a plant bud). These brown and cream throws are made of 100% wool and have a distinctive pattern resembling a round flower bud. The edges are finished with cream thread. If your home décor has a neutral theme throughout, these throws will compliment the look without standing out too much, but adding a lovely accent.

LinenMe decoration tip: Burbuole wool throw looks beautiful if combined with cushions in neutral shades. We offer several colours of pure linen cushion covers, including Emilia sand & nougat and a rich choco brown.

For those who prefer geometrical shapes, we have a mix of jazzy stripe throws in several colours. Stripes are quite easy to maintain in your home décor, they match and contrast other patterns beautifully, but also introduce two or more colours to your interior without being too overpowering. These Jazz throws with long and beautiful fringed edges are made of pure wool, and are available in blue, red and brown colour.

Wool Throws

As you can see from the pictures, these throws are perfect for using both indoors and outdoors, when you are having a late night barbeque in your garden, or simply enjoying a glass of wine on the balcony. The best thing about wool throws is that they can serve you a lifetime, as they are very thick and durable. Needless to say, they are also extremely soft!

LinenMe decoration tip: Combine these wool throws with a mix of tripe cushion covers from LinenMe Jazz collection. The blue throw looks great with red, green and blue cushions, the red throw can be matched with blue or red striped cushion covers, while black, beige and natural will looks stunning if used next to the brown throw. Stripes look good with stripes!

Moon wool throws

Neutral has been the king of British home décor for decades, and looking at these gorgeous cream and caramel wool throws we know why! Even neutral interior theme can have so many shades within it, so depending on your preferences, one of these Moon throws should be suitable. They have a simple design, a lovely textured weave and are made of pure wool. Each throw is decorated with fringed edges.

LinenMe decoration tip: The beauty of neutral plain wool throws is that they go well with both neutral and bright cushions. Try these stunning linen cushion covers from Chrysanthemum collection, woven in a vintage damask weave and available in several colours – natural, black and white. If you love colour rather than pattern, combine Moon throws with Emilia cushions, produced from 100% linen in a luxurious herringbone weave. There’s plenty to choose from – sand, nougat or choco.

And last but not least, this is the brand new range of wool throws that were added to LinenMe store this February (yes, the snow and ice contributed to this!). The collection of throws includes products of various blends of wool – alpaca, lambs wool, camel and merino – so there’s plenty of luxury and warmth woven into each throw!

Just to name a few, the Ernesto throw is in natural alpaca shade and has striking dark brown and light brown stripes across it, decorated with beautiful fringes. Another luxurious throw is Emilio, made of wool and alpaca blend and featuring square checks.

LinenMe decoration tip: All these throws look stunning if combined with Emilia cushions, for example, rainforest green, light green, mauve & nougat. If you want to stick to neutral tones in your home, try wheat Emilia or mauve & sand.

Browse LinenMe online shop for more home decoration ideas or to see other available wool throws, blankets and cushions.

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