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  • Tracey
    Tracey Ball
    1 week 4 days ago
    A super comfortable nightdress. Fits beautifully with enough fabric to allow for a good nights sleep. Lightweight but warm enough. Sewn with care, mother of Pearl buttons. Highly recommended. Thank you LinenMe
  • Helen
    Helen Blakeway
    3 weeks 9 min ago
    Absolutely beautiful item. My first order from LinenMe. Will definitely order again. Came with complementary face mask which is also beautifully made. Many thanks LinenMe!
  • Philip
    Philip Codd
    3 weeks 3 hours ago
    Yep! Definitely a suitable dress for travel to any place, situation or culture. So simple and easy to wear without any need for extras. I absolutely love the maxi length and wonder even though there is a generous hem that perhaps an indulgent luxury would entail a heavy foot long hem...but maybe not very balanced. A delightful frock. Pink?
  • Irene
    Irene Cleary
    3 weeks 2 days ago
    The cute linen dress with a little unexpected gift, a face mask, arrived. I love the exact work and stitching, the soft fabric and the cut. Also, the reasonable packaging is much appreciated. Excellent service!
  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Sharwood-Smith
    3 weeks 4 days ago
    The hand towels have arrived safely and are lovely, thank you. I bought some a few years ago and they are still in good condition so I wanted some more the same. The material and standard of finish is very good. Also included was a most welcome linen face mask which will be very useful.
  • LIZ
    3 weeks 4 days ago
    This is a lovely skirt - really lightweight and floaty. It is well made and the colour - grey - is a very nice shade. As a size 16-18 I ordered the XL and it is a snug fit around the waist, although loose round the hips. I would recommend sizing up if you are between sizes.
  • Ruth
    Ruth Brittain
    3 weeks 4 days ago
    The Indigo Linen dress Polo is The Indigo Linen dress Polo is very comfortable to wear; it allows plenty of movement so is very practical, as are the useful big pockets. At the same time, it looks smart. The easy movement and lovely material means that it is very cool to wear in hot weather. I chose the large size as my measurements are borderline M/L; the size is just right.
  • Helma
    Helma Wegdam
    3 weeks 6 days ago
    I am very happy with these fantastic placemats. Very high quality. I will use them on a daily basis. Whether it is just my family or a gathering of friends at my table. They can be used at every occasion. I will Probably be back for more.
  • Nurazian
    Nurazian Abu Bakar
    1 month 7 hours ago
    gorgeous dress & so comfortable!
  • I Alexander
    I Alexander Tonjac
    1 month 2 days ago
    Very soft for linen and looks nice as well. WOuld have like it to be a bit thicker, but that's just my preference. Also got a linen face mask which was a very nice touch, thank you!
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