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Spa Green Linen Waffle Bath Towel Washed
Spa Green Linen Waffle Bath Towel Washed

Spa Green Linen Waffle Bath Towel Washed

130 × 75 × 0 in


Thanks to the purity of the fabric these lightweight linen towels are perfect for those with sensitive skin, or for babies and children. The simple color palette looks stylish in any bathroom, and we've added a loop for easy hanging.

  • 30 x 51, 39 x 63
  • 100% linen,
  • Made in Lithuania
  • Prewashed
  • Made-to-order


European Flax

Delivery charges will depend on 3 things:

  1. The country of delivery address
  2. The weight of your order
  3. The speed of delivery you need

You will be given the options to choose from once you have your shopping bag finalized and you have filled in your delivery address. We use courier service to deliver most of our orders. Only if your order is very small and you are not in a hurry we use Regular Post to help you save on delivery charges. 

Stock permitting, all orders are usually dispatched in 1 - 3  working days after receiving the payment.

In the event that an item is temporarily out of stock, we will produce it in 3 - 5 days and dispatch it as soon as it is produced. We deliver worldwide.



Shipping rates to USA


$9.99 | 2-3 working days


$9.99 | 2-3 working days


$9.99| 2-3 working days

SUPER EXPRESS HEAVY | 5001g to 10kg

$9.99 | 2-3 working days



Shipping rates to the Rest of the World (ROW)

ECONOMY - up to 2kg

$14.99 | 2-3 weeks

ECONOMY - 2001g to 10kg

$29.99 | 2-3 weeks

SUPER EXPRESS - up to 1kg

$19.99 | 2-3 working days

SUPER EXPRESS - 1001g to 2kg

$29.99 | 2-3 working days

SUPER EXPRESS - 2001g to 5kg

$39.99 | 2-3 working days

When properly looked after, our linen homewares will keep on looking beautiful and performing brilliantly for years. Here’s what you need to know about caring for your linen product:


- Machine wash up to 40 C – don’t use higher temperatures as these can damage the fabric’s fibres, causing wear and shrinkage
- Wash linen items separately from other fabrics
- Separate white, dark and coloured linens
- Use the gentle cycle and don’t overload your machine – ensuring garments have sufficient space means they can rinse and dry properly
- Never use bleach

Drying and storing

- Tumble dry on a low heat or gentle setting
- If ironing, steam rather than simply hot pressing
- Make sure linen items are completely dry before putting away
- Store somewhere dry (preferably in linen bags)



Another beautiful towel

This is the 4th waffle bath towel I have purchased--they are perfect! No doubt I'll be buying more in the future. They dry quickly and never get a "funky" odor. They also pack relatively small and have worked for me as a travel towel. This one was a gift for my son. The spa green is a beautiful color. He was pleased to receive it.


bath towel

Soaks water quick, hangs to dry easily. Love the texture and how thin it is compared to cotton bath towel (4:1).


An absolute superb product!

An absolute superb product! Wonderfully crafted from a sumptuous beautiful linen. You will not find a better towel. And all his backed up by rock-solid customer service. I will be ordering more!


Stylish and practical

Lovely quality and perfect for small flats like mine, where bulky towels are really hard to dry! Looking forward to investing in a few more. They are such a joy to use, as well as being easy on the eyes!


Wonderful towel

I love the colour and feel of this towel. It is excellent at drying after a shower leaving my skin calm and comfortable. Would thoroughly recommend.


soft and beautiful colour

My father is always saying that he can't find "drying towels" anymore.. the new ones are so big and so fluffy, he doesn't feel like they wrap or dry the way towels should. This was the perfect gift for him, very dry and very soft, but not huge and not bulky or fluffy.


Very good towels

Everything a towel should be: takes up little space, dries fast, absorbs water well, soft.


A pleasant change

So I am sure I am not the only person to have used plush cotton towels in winter enjoying the plushness but cursing after towelling and having left them to air dry that they were still a sorry, soggy mess upon returning.

So what to do, air dry outside in this weather hmm maybe not! Tumble dryer it is hmm not great either for my pocket when bill arrives or the environment in more ways than one.

Is there a solution well, up until stumbling across this website I wasn’t sure so I looked into pros and cons of these huckaback towels and thought why not try them out, so I did!

Wow! What a pleasure they are to use, yes they do feel thinner and maybe a little more bracing in first few uses but besides that have not found a flaw yet.

Not only are they ridiculously absorbent but they towel me down quicker, much less bulky to store away, they actually dry out between uses and they clean up wonderfully plus when washed they actually dry out super quick with NO need for tumble dryer!

So to sum up quick to dry me, quicker for them to dry out between uses, less bulky, less drying time when washed, super absorbent and much better for environment compared to cotton towels and their big drain on resources and ecosystems especially compared to flax from which linen is derived.

Yes if you have your doubts they maybe slightly more than your average towel cost wise but trust me they are worth the investment, you will not regret it!