About us


Meet Inga - the founder of LinenMe

My name is Inga and I am interior designer with strong passion for home textiles, especially linen. Even before graduating from London’s KLC School of Design I felt that linen and designing home accessories from linen was where I wanted to progress, and I never looked back!

Over years I have come to the conclusion that pure linen, like any other natural fiber, has some sort of magic powers, and I love to share my expertise, skills and passion with LinenMe customers. Making our luxury products affordable and available to any home and taste has always been one of the highest priorities at LinenMe.

I’m a regular visitor and exhibitor at interior design fairs in the UK, Germany, France, Japan and USA, so I do try to produce home interior accessories suitable for various tastes, fitting different size standards and as much up-to-date as possible.


Quality of fabrics and products

LinenMe is a family business and Inga represents already the 3rd generation working with linen. Time-tested traditions of weaving and decorating linen are combined with modern technology. Most recent technological solutions allows us to create a highly robust, durable and well-worn fabric, which nicely fits the body and remains very soft. 

Making things by hands allows us to maintain high quality and preserve the authenticity, that's why so many of LinenMe products are handmade.

By creating products in close family circle and keeping the production in our palms, we maintain and ensure high product quality.


We offer the widest range of linen fabrics and product variations: different patterns, textures, colors, product designs, decorations.

Our design products combine traditional handicraft and the latest fashion trends. We follow the fashion trends of textile each year and strive to offer a wide selection of modern products.


Using raw linen materials grown in Baltic region and Europe we can ensure product authenticity and high quality.

Your story told in linen

Since very old times linen fabrics and products have been passed from one generation to another. They are not only natural, healthy to use and carry, but also strong and durable. Therefore, women passed woven linen as a dowry for future generations to preserve family history. 

LinenMe is continuing the tradition - now you can design your own linen treat, so that your own story would be told for generations of the future.



To ensure the best service, every order we fulfill by ourselves - not through intermediaries. Therefore, items will reach you quickly and safely.

To make a live connection and warm lasting relationship, we communicate with you directly. Knowing your feedback and expectations, we can react promptly.


LinenMe as a brand was born in 2007 and today has loyal customers in more than 50 countries around the world, who assessed the quality of our products.