Affordable luxury

LinenMe is a small yet rapidly growing business that trades exclusively online, making it an easy, accessible and cost-effective way of shopping. Our main focus is ensuring that each and every luxurious item available from our shop or made bespoke for you is also affordable.

This is how we do it, in 3 simple steps:

1. Design. All our product designs are inspired by you, our customers, and then carefully selected by Inga Lukauskiene, a talented and energetic designer and the owner of LinenMe, who is a recent graduate of KLC School of Design in London.

2. Manufacturing. We have our own manufacturing unit in Lithuania, years of linen production experience, and flexibility at lower cost.

3. Marketing. No inflated prices means no need to waste resources to run never ending sales and promotions. We believe that our happy client would do the best marketing for us.


Owner of LinenMe and independent interior designer Inga Lukauskiene is originally from Lithuania, where her family has worked in flax industry for over 30 years and currently owns a linen manufacturing unit.

“Inspiration comes from everywhere, any time of a day, but mostly from our customers - admits Inga. – We only invest as much as it is needed into our designs and encourage our customer to become a home interior designer himself. We are now living the era of DIY, and DIY nowadays is not just about painting the walls. People love creating their own linen bedding or a certain type of kitchen window curtains. You inspire - we produce. It can be fun for both the customer and the manufacturer.”

Fulfilling the bespoke orders for our clients, we tend to get a range of ideas and suggestions that later become part of LinenMe assortment. And to be honest with you, it is part of the reason we can make our luxury linen so affordable.


Our manufacturing unit in Lithuania has been producing luxury linens for a range of world-known brands; however we believe that there could be a lot of synergies and benefits of direct partnership between the manufacturer and the buyer. We are actively promoting this partnership as this is the way to make our luxury linen affordable.

The linen production facility uses each and every inch of the fabric, with the minimum going to waste. More so, while designing new linen collections, Inga Lukauskiene does her best to ensure that the standard fabric length/width gets used to the maximum, with as few remnants as possible. Each and every new linen item is designed with practicality in mind.

A broad assortment of linen fabrics, shades and textures at our production unit gives our customer more options. It also allows us to offer bespoke design service, meeting some of the toughest deadlines.


Our aim is to avoid all the marketing gimmicks that are ineffective yet reflect on the final value of the product.Staying away from all the unnecessary yet costly marketing actions, we stick to the basics and are proud to be in a position to offer luxurious and affordable linen everyday. There is no need to wait for sales, as excellent value linens are available every day, throughout the year.

As for marketing, we are strong believers in personal recommendation. Word of mouth has brought us a wide range of clients from all over the world, and with LinenMe trading exclusively online, this has meant that we have a shop available to virtually anyone around the globe.

Last but not least

We do not limit our assortment to linen products only; in fact, we are constantly on the lookout for new, unique and exciting home décor items, designed and produced to a high standard by other small independent manufacturers.