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February 15, 2019

A bedroom is a unique space in which all of life can happen: new lives are created and others come to an end. It's part of the house that visitors may not see, and it's where we are at our most vulnerable, as we slumber. We dream, read, cuddle, plan and talk within those walls. Given the significance of these rooms, and the fact that we spend around one third of our lives asleep, it makes sense to have a beautiful bedroom.

Yet for many of us our bedrooms can become a dumping ground for laundry or piles of books. With a little attention, though, you can soon create a space you'll love. Before tackling a spruce-up, it's worth taking some time to think about how you use the room, and how you want to feel when you're in it. Are you looking for a peaceful haven away from the stresses of everyday life? A sensuous, intimate space? Or a place of familiar comforts and nurture?

Here are three beautiful ways to style your bedroom using linen, for however you want your bedroom to look and feel:

A Minimalist Sanctuary

linen duvet cover minimalist decor

The Scandi-inspired minimalist style is enduringly popular for a reason: it creates calm, tranquil spaces that make us feel good. A clutter-free bedroom painted white and with natural linen bedlinen, woollen blankets and wooden furniture is not only timeless, but it helps us sleep well.

To achieve this look on a budget, simply go through your wardrobe and recycle or donate any clothes you haven't worn in the last year and which don't have strong sentimental significance. Do the same with your books and papers, so that you free up more space for air to circulate and for a calmer-feeling room. Give the walls a lick of paint - plain white is always a winner, but there are gorgeous chalky shades to play with, and exquisite pale greys that will create the same effect. Choose cool tones for your bedlinen: think white, off-white and muted greys. You don't have to go for a uniform look, but keep the palette neutral and quiet. To avoid things feeling sterile use fabrics with lots of natural texture, like linen, wool and hessian, and add a few plants for a natural splash of colour.

A Cosy Bolt-hole

cosy bedroom design

If you want something a bit cosier for your bedroom go for soft romantic pinks and gentle greens. Keep the walls neutral but add some floral cushions or linen curtains with a wash of colour. Hunt in antique shops for vintage vases and lamps, and add pops of colour with paintings and patterns. Mixing up finds from different eras can give a lovely homely feel to a space, just keep some continuity in either the colours or patterns to stop things feeling jumbled.

A Sumptuous Boudoir

dark colours bedroom

Bedrooms don't have to be light, airy places. They can be dark, sensuous rooms which invite you in and make you feel cocooned. This look if perfect if you're after a style that will differentiate your bedroom from the rest of the house, something that makes it feel like a very defined and private space. This can feel like a slightly scary style, but in fact dark bedrooms can look amazing, even in small spaces.

Use deep blues and greys on the walls and if you have a wooden floor consider painting it black. Hang dark, thick curtains and opt for a mix of tactile fabrics like velvet and linens in dark tones but in slightly different shades than the rest of the room to add interest and layers of colour. Make sure you have the right lighting - a glaring overhead light will be all wrong in a room like this, but you don't want it to feel dingy. A few table lamps or a string of fairy lights will make the room feel magical and special without ruining the ambience.

Revamping your bedroom needn't be a major job. Just set aside a weekend, have a clear-out, stock up on the right paint and some new bedlinen and keep your eye out for accessories and fittings as you along. If you haven't got the time or money to repaint, simply changing up your bedlinen can completely alter the feel of a room. So you can sleep happy, all night long.

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