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November 30, 2018

This week on the blog we are excited to be joined by Katrine Krogh from WEAREMAD, a personal platform about fashion, lifestyle and travel. Copenhagen-based fashion-insider Katrine curates beautiful posts with the best in books, beauty and clothes, as well as travel tips and home interior design inspiration. WEAREMAD is a one-stop shop for all things gorgeous, and we defy you not to fall down several lovely rabbit holes as you explore all the advice and information on offer. As well as freelancing as a consultant Katrine has recently launched her own brand, ROCHELLE, a collection of holiday-inspired jewellery and accessories.

lifestyle blogger - Katrine Krogh WEAREMAD

Here she shares her five good things.


Natural materials. Always. During winter I really like putting on a pair of cashmere pants and a sweater when I get home, and for summer a casual dress or oversize linen shirt.


I have a thing for great coats. It’s hard to describe, but when I’m wearing a beautiful coat I feel my outfit is complete.


linen for travel - Katrine Krogh WEAREMAD

Whenever I’m on an airplane I always make sure to bring a hydrating facemist and comfortable clothes, preferably in natural materials. If I’m flying long distance I like to bring a linen scarf to use as a comforter.


reading for relaxation slow living - Katrine Krogh

I like to read, walk and cook to take a mental break and recharge. Getting my mind occupied with other things, such as cooking, often helps me think of new ideas and angles on projects I’m working on.


Traveling is my number one source of inspiration. But I also find a lot of inspiration in art, movies, books and just being alone with my thoughts.Thanks so much Katrine!

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