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May 19, 2017

With wedding season nearly upon us, many of us are desperately trying to find a decent present for the happy couple. You may have been given a list of gifts to choose from, but often this feels a bit impersonal. If, like us, you want to give something more original and thought-through, we've got 5 products that will make the perfect wedding gifts.

You want something beautiful, something that will last a long time and that will remind them of their special day every time they use/ see it. A pretty tall order, you might think. But that's where linen comes in. Not only will these things below make ideal wedding presents, they will keep going for years, and they won't break the bank. Leaving you some pennies for a new pair of shoes to wear for the wedding, or some flowers for the mother of the bride.

1.Monogrammed linen towels

It seems the height of luxury to have your very own set of monogrammed towels (plus no-one can pinch them at the gym or pool), so why not consider these soft, elegant huckaback towels? If you have seen the happy couple's bathroom you could chose a colour that will work with their interior, otherwise go for something neutral that will go with anything. We will then monogram the couple's initials onto the towels - either both sets of initials together, or on separate towels so they know whose is whose.

linen waffle towels - wedding gifts

2. Linen bedlinen set

A set of sumptuous pure linen bedlinen is an ideal gift for newlyweds, whether they are just setting up home together or have already made an established home. This adorably romantic set in soft stonewashed pink makes the perfect nest for holing up together and sleeping in absolute comfort. The pure linen fabric regulates body temperature and wicks away moisture, meaning you sleep soundly and deeply. It will keep your loved ones cosy in winter too, and thanks to the durability of linen this bedlinen set will last for years and still look amazing. Plus, no need for ironing, which is great because, you know, newlyweds might not have household chores top of their list of things to do...

linen bedlinen - LinenMe

3.Linen tea towels

The division of labour in the kitchen can be a thorny subject, so why not make the washing up a bit more enjoyable by getting your loved ones a gorgeous set of linen tea towels? Our tea towels are super-absorbent and fast-drying, meaning they can get the jobs done quickly and spend more time making their home feel like home. This set of two tea towels is nicely neutral, yet interesting, and will compliment any kitchen interior. A perfect wedding present if you are on a tight budget (or blew all your cash on the hen party!).

linen tea towels

4. Linen tablecloth

If your newly-wed friends or relatives love entertaining, then a linen tablecloth is a fabulous wedding gift. The perfect balance between a well-dressed table and a relaxed ambience, our linen tablecloths come in a wide range of colours. This oatmeal beauty is ideal if you want something that will work with most colour schemes. We can even make bespoke tablecloths in case you need an awkward size, or want to get it just right. Tablecloths make lovely presents because they can be passed on through generations, reminding families of times they spent together, holding stories of feasts and celebrations. Giving a tablecloth is like giving someone the backdrop to years of happy times.

linen tablecloth - LinenMe

5. Baby alpaca wool throw

A throw or blanket is such a versatile gift - they can be used for romantic summer picnics, for draping round shoulders on chilly evenings outside, and for snuggling up on colder nights with a box set and some nice wine. And if the newlyweds have children already, or are hoping to have some, a super-soft baby alpaca blanket can double as a baby comforter or a fort for rainy days indoors.

baby alpaca throw - LinenMe

So, wedding gifts sorted. That leaves you time to find the right outfit and to book your ride home from the wedding party in the early hours!

For inspiration for decorating your wedding tables, go here. And you can find more helpful ideas about using linen for special occasions here.


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