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December 15, 2017

Are you fed up with Christmas shopping? Still struggling to think of something to take to the in-laws on Boxing Day? If you find yourself staring at your pile of purchases and shaking your head in despair at how much it all cost and how little you seem to have got for your money, we’ve got just the antidote.

For some last-minute gift ideas that don’t involve jostling through crowds of stressed-out shoppers, we’ve found 6 delightful homemade things that people will actually want to receive. At very little cost and a with bit of simple craftiness, you can rustle up some beautiful presents that will not only show you care, but will look great in your friends’ and family’s homes.

Make these with love, and enjoy the fact that you can finish your preparations from the warmth and comfort of your sitting room or kitchen. Most of these homemade gifts can be made with things you've got around the house, or things that you can order online quickly. Remember, with homemade gifts it's all about the details, so think about how you wrap or present your creations. Simple brown craft paper with a red velvet ribbon and a sprig of rosemary always looks understatedly stylish. For something a bit different try pages of maps (even an old road atlas) as wrapping paper. Or you could zhush up some plain white gift tags by stamping them with a festive print, or sticking tiny pom poms along the bottom.

homemade gifts

1.Two-ingredient bark

Chocolate bark is one of those gifts that require minimal input yet give maximum return. Follow this recipe, or go off piste and add a selection of dried cranberries, pecans and pistachios to a plain chocolate bark. The biggest challenge is to not eat it all yourself...

2.Pom Pom bookmarks

These are such a cute idea, and a great way to use up left-over yarn. This tutorial requires no extra equipment and is something you could even knock up in the car with the kids on a long journey. Choose different colours for each member of the family, or tuck inside a book that you are giving as a gift to make it extra-special.

christmas pom pom gifts

3.Lavender linen spray

If you are buying some lucky loved one a set of beautiful bedlinen, or just thinking of ways to help them get a good night's sleep, a soothing lavender spray is just the thing. Easy to make and deliciously relaxing when spritzed on a pillow, this is a gift that will be relished for many weeks after the holiday season is over.

4.Embroidered personalised napkins

A new set of supersoft, charmingly creased linen napkins is a perfect present, but this takes it one stage further. Make them really individual and bespoke by embroidering names on each one. They can also double as place markers for festive mealtimes and big gatherings too.

5.Shark towel beach cover-up

This is a really fun crafty gift if you've got a bit more time and know a small person who would just love to tear up and down a beach or along a pool being a shark. You'll need a couple of dark grey towels to start with - one bath towel and one hand towel - as well as an offcut or scrap of terry towelling and some interfacing.

6.Hand printed/ painted tea towels

For design-lovers you could make a set of hand printed or painted tea towels. Use something durable and simple as the base, then either make your own foam shapes to print with fabric paint (zig zags and dots look fab and very professional), or let your imagination run free and paint your own designs.

hand painted tea towels christmas gifts

You could even make up a collection of these gifts and add a sachet of mulling spices, a jar of chutney or some festive biscuits, then bundle them into a specially-jazzed up potato sack or homemade linen drawstring bag for the ultimate homemade Christmas goodie bag.

We wish you a peaceful and stress-free countdown to the holidays!


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