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July 21, 2011

It's such a remarkable feeling to receive appreciation from another corner of the globe! This really keeps us moving! We are sharing this with you in order to show you our boasting about the quality of our products has some solid ground :)

Linen Towels for Spa - LinenMe

Alchemy Arts Center, our client in Santa Barbara, USA, is a luxurious spa center with a deep knowledge and qualification in enhancing the uplifted human experience. They also have a marvelous café which creates cleansing, detoxifying food, based on the knowledge of contemporary medical nutritional research, combined with Asian healing traditions.

Beauty and health specialists at Alchemy Arts Center are using our bath sheets for massage tables, bath robes and bath towels of natural flax color from Lara collection for comfort of their visitors, while tables at their gorgeous café are set using our natural Emilia napkins of pure linen.

Linen Napkins Emilia - LinenMe

These are the testimonials that Emma Narachi, the owner of Alchemy Arts, have sent us:
„I have used LinenMe beautiful linens in my Wellness Center. The towels are super absorbent and nice to use on the skin. They take much less time to dry that terry towels do and must be better for our environment! Our Cafe uses LinenMe napkins, they stand up very well to constant washing. In fact I believe they get better as they age. LinenMe has very high quality, long lasting linen in beautiful colors."

It's such a great feeling to a have a happy client sharing his/her positive experience! Add all other satisfied clients and you get a producer that is highly motivated and fuelled enough for future endeavors!

We send a big warm THANK YOU to all our clients!

Spa Linen - LinenMe

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