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July 19, 2019

With the summer holidays fast approaching we're starting to think about what to take on vacation, and whether a few days in the possibly-rainy British countryside warrants any new summer purchases. Having decided that this year we probably won't be lying by a pool sipping kombucha tonics, we've made a wishlist for that kind of holiday instead. The kind of holiday where the sun shines constantly, there's nothing to do but eat and swim, and the kids are free to roam outside all day. If you're heading off on a trip like this then these are some things you might find useful. And if, like us, you're thinking more raincoats than resorts you can daydream along with us.

Here's our relaxing summer vacation essentials wish list:

1.Sustainably-produced swimsuit

It may not be something you've thought about but swimwear is a real environmental problem. Made from plastic-based material and often with only one or two seasons' use in them, our fast-fashion swimsuits need a radical rethink. Luckily, there are some great brands creating sustainably-made swimwear – we love this cute blue spotty swimsuit from Arket. Made from fabric that's crafted from old fishing nets and recycled nylon waste, this is a great way to buy a new swimsuit without damaging the ocean you're swimming in and that draws us holiday-makers back each year.

2.Book holder

A portable book holder is high on our beach trip wish list. It's always tricky to find a comfortable position when reading for a longish period of time on a beach or by the pool. But this clever gadget looks like a great way to hold books as we recline. Designed to be portable and lightweight you can easily stash it away in your beach bag, and the neat clips will stop pages flapping in the breeze.

3.Linen beach towel

Beach Trip - linen beach towel

The ideal beach towel is light, non-bulky, quick-drying and super-absorbent. Happily, these are all qualities you'll find in a linen towel, making this the obvious vacation companion. No more heavy, sodden cotton towels - and these wash really well too.


We are all much more aware of the need to protect our skin from the sun, so a sun hat is pretty much a no-brainer these days. Whether you're sightseeing around a city or lying on the beach, this is a great way too keep the sun off and to protect from overheating or sunstroke, which can have very unpleasant and holiday-spoiling aftereffects. We love this vintage-feeling straw hat from Toast.

5.Mineral sunscreen

For people who suffer from acne or breakouts mineral sunscreens have been a long-standing favourite. But now they're growing in popularity across the board. Research suggests that they offer superior UV protection than chemical sunscreens, thanks to the protective, non-comedogenic layer of zinc or titanium dioxide that sits on the skin's surface. This one not only looks after your skin, it has a minimal impact on the planet too.

6.Tote bag

linen beach bag

You need a decent, roomy bag for all your beach trip must-haves. This linen beach bag is spacious enough to hold swimwear, suncream, books, water bottles and a towel, without extra weight. Thanks to the soft, light linen it's easy to carry and will even fold up inside a larger bag or piece of luggage if needed. A dream vacation bag that will keep on working throughout the year, from the weekly shop to a family picnic.

What's on your holiday essentials wish list?

For tips on vacation packing the minimalist way go here, and to read about why linen towels are a great choice in summer go here.


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