Children Love New LinenMe Scarves!

Kids linen scarves

Best appreciation of new LinenMe Garza linen scarves came from Ruta, a 6-year-old daughter of Inga Lukauskiene, the chief designer of LinenMe. She played and tried on every new scarf and asked her mother – “Mommy, may I wear this? And this?!” She wanted all the collection in her closet!

We call this the best appreciation because one can not cheat a child. Should she do not like anything, one can never make to wear it. And vice versa – if a child wears anything gladly, the quality is often proved to be good.

The same story with Ruta. She likes the feeling of the scarf – soft and airy, and the natural fabric does not make her hot (compared to synthetic one), the length is perfect for playing with – wrapping around shoulders and neck, putting on the head etc. And the colors, of course, – simply stunning and attracting attention.

Who said only adults can wear long scarves? Give one to your child! Why not to become a trendy family!?

New Garza scarves are available in many shades – suitable for any occasion, garment or personality style. And the entry price is only 19,99 GBP (valid till the 1st of April, 2010)!

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