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December 1, 2011

Setting a spectacular Christmas table doesn't have to be a big challenge. You just need some time on your own in advance to think of your preferences, maybe browse internet for some ideas, and then put together a small action plan.

Christmas Table

First, think you your theme and main color or colors. Crisp white luxury? Modern minimalism? Last glimpses of colorful autumn? Purple dream of a queen? Then make a list of things you would need: table linen, dishware, and table centerpiece, table accessories - candles, small decorations, name cards... Decide which of them have to be in which color. You might want to search for ideas and examples on internet.

Should you choose your tablecloth in rich bright color, you might want your plates in some neutral shade and glasses of a clear glass. The table centerpiece then can be chosen of matching rich colors as well as can be other table accessories: table runners, napkins, candles, lamps and flowers.

If you have a vision of a white Christmas décor, choose crisp white tablecloth with table runners and napkins of white or off white, silver, cream or other shade. Add crystal clear glasses, white plates with modest décor, lots of silver, metal, golden accessories, beautiful snowflakes etc.

Christmas Table Linens

Having a wide array of linen table linen items of our own we cannot imagine other Christmas table than that set with linen tablecloth, linen runners, linen napkins, and linen placemats. With lots of colors and designs available, one can set a different looking table for each Christmas. This year we suggest having a colorful, warm, joyous and memorable Christmas table! New linen table items from Emilia collection will do perfectly. Choose two leading colors or mix and match several of them. Or maybe create a different setting for each guest? All the options are possible, because colors of this collection match well and have common features - gorgeous luxurious herringbone weave and elaborate hemstitch borders. When the main theme and colors of your setting are decided upon, completing your table decoration is a piece of cake!

Linen table linen is all machine washable, durable, can be dried in a drying machine.

Christmas Table Linens

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